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  1. I'm currently using the Sirui 3T-35K which is quite comfortable to hold once you get used to holding the weight of the camera in front if you. It also doubles as a tripod. Thanks for the other responses RE look and content.
  2. I’m a filmmaker turned travel vlogger using the GH4. I’ve been shooting in Cinelike D and trying various LUTs each episode. For the latest episode I slapped EOSHD Pro Color on an adjustment layer across the whole episode and took the saturation down to 70%. For this fast turnaround content I look for a LUT that works across many lighting situations. EOSHD Pro Color seems to be a great fast way to add a look. GH4 Lumix 12-35mm Cinelike D (Default Settings) Heliopan Vari ND Airport shots at the end on G7X mkII LUT: EOSHD Pro Color Edit in Adobe Premiere CC
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