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  1. I have a question: I am using a 128 GB Sandisc Class 10 U3 R95 - W 60 MB/s and a 128 GB Transcend Class 10 U3 R90 MB/s card. Both have never failed neither in the GH4 nor the GH5. Now the initial question was: When I was taking pictures of birds in flight recently, https://flickr.com/photos/150332016@N06/sets/72157681824825243 I ran into problem with the buffering when taking burst shots with jpeg and raw. There were new birds coming but the buffer was full and the GH5 busy wigh writing to the SD card, before I could take pictures again) The camera was set, so that it filled one card and then use the other once the first is full. Now my question is: How do I distribute the files best, so that the buffer is not filled too fast? Jpeg in one and raw in the other? Also, if I use a UHSII card in one slot, would I then send jpeg and raw to the same slot? I think I am not into the future 400 mbit of a future firmware upgrad, so for video, my current 4 cards with 128 GB and 95 mbits are fast enough, so if a faster UHSII card writes pictures faster on the card, this would allow to empty the buffer faster and to shoot (burst pictures) longer. So how should the files be distributed for fastest writing on the card? Thanks. Then I made a frw tests: When using H or M in burst mode, the GH5 takes about 70 pictures (jpeg and Raw) in about 10 seconds and then needs 50-55 seconds to empty the buffer. No matter if jpeg and raw is written on one or separated the writing process on two cards, no matter if H or M mode. It is the same. In L mode it takes about 2 Minutes until the buffer is full and over 200 pictures are taken in that time. Again, it needs 50-55 seconds to clear the buffer. I think I need a UHS II V60 or V90 card, to empty the buffer faster, right? Or any other possibility?
  2. Edius Version 8.5 supports 6K H265 of the GH5 now. Import and editing. Export in H265 is not possible yet.
  3. Actually I ment the 100-400 in combination with the GH5.
  4. Nothing to be scared about in my opinion. I love the 100-400 lens and in combination with the GH4 it is a dream. Excellent stabilization and also the AF in photo mode is extremly fast. I use it with back button focussing and am really happy with the combination.
  5. I made a few videos with ect. telecrop and took jpegs out of them. They are traight ooc, copied to an iphone via wifi and now send here. In brackets the FF numbers. Quite asonishing. 12 mm (24) with the 12-60er 100 mm (200) with the 100-400er 400 mm (800) 560 mm (1120) also 400 with 1.4 Ext. Telecrop 1120 mm (2240) 400 with 1.4 Ext. Telecrop + 2x Digitalzoom 2240 mm (4480) 400 with 1.4 Ext. Telecrop + 4x Digitalzoom
  6. Hello, I would need you help: I tried today to get the ext. Telephoto to work in photo and video mode. Page 53 of the handbook. I followed all the steps and have assigned the function button to zoom, but whatever I do, it stays greyed out. I have no problem activating it in photo and video mode on the GH4 but the GH5 seems to need other settings. Can anybody help?
  7. GH5 Manual is online:https://eww.pavc.panasonic.co.jp/dscoi/DC-GH5/EG_EC_EF_EB/DC-GH5_DVQP1121ZA_eng.pdf
  8. @Borbarad Here a comparison gimbal to Dual IBIS etc.
  9. GH5 demo reel filmed in Yokohama https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RacTSKuNuo&t=2s
  10. A brief look at a production model of the GH5: https://youtu.be/yx95FelLXN0
  11. GH5 IOS test, 8 to 10 bit comparison and also to the GH4
  12. Matt Frazer about Autofocus: GH5 Focustracking Test: GH5 autofocus tracking Zoom 40mm low light at 3200 iso GH5 Autofocus and Dual IS testing Setup for Back Button Autofocus for GH cameras
  13. Perhaps with that one? http://www.43rumors.com/panasonic-announces-the-worlds-first-organic-cmos-image-sensor-with-electrically-controllable-near-infrared-light-sensitivity/
  14. Sorry, I do not know. I only translated a german article.
  15. here some information about the sensor of the GH5 from a german Forum, who has collected these infos from different sources like interviews, videos etc. it is definitively another sensor as in the E-M1.2 and GH4 and another design The high Iso Performance is supposed to be much better than in the GH4, there is talk about up to 2 stops (An ISO 6400 of the GH5 shall look like an ISO1600 of the GH4). Unfortunately there are no RAW pictures available at the moment to prove that. RAWs will not be denoised by internal software The design of the sensor leads to a faster read out that reduces the rolling shutter. The E-M1.2 Uses the brute-force approach with a lot of calculation effort. Panasonic says, that this will lead to more noise in the end, especially during video. This is the reason, whether decided, to design a totally new sensor. The rolling shutter also is not reduced by the software. the debayering is not done on a 2x2 Field but on a 6x6 Field. This leads to truer colours and to less artefacts. If the RAWs have 14Bit Colourdepth is not clear. all cameras that are tested at the moment have a beta firmware, which is optimized for video. This is why there are no or not many photos available yet. FW 1.0 will be "conservative" That will not use the full potential of the prozessors/sensor yet. Only with future firmware updates, the full potential of the sensor will be used. Updates for the photo abilities Are on the "internal" roadmap, but are not communicated yet. . Higer framerates in serial picture mode are possible but may not be used due to the 4K/6K functions .
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