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  1. O Lala! My preference is for a tad more contrast, but really looking nice! Being outside, did you have many options of modifying the light?
  2. Lol! Well I'm living in Vancouver area, so step one's in the bag. Step 2 and 3 pending.......
  3. Yep. Small apartment. Big-ish camera kit. Son who now needs a room. Clearing out a bunch of gear that doesn't get enough use to make room. Still like the F3, just too big/bulky for one-man-band shooting on my type of projects. Hate carrying a few cases just to get some nice shots. BMPCC does at least 80% of what I wanted from the F3, and can be kitted bigger should the need arise.
  4. Very nice job! I wish I was at that level of experience by now!
  5. There's a Lumix 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 that comes with the camera, but in the interest of an easy grab and go, I also have a Panasonic Lumix G 14mm f2.5 pancake lens inbound. I presume to be playing around with different lens options in the future, but for now I'll keep it simple. While I'm going to start by just learning it in a point-and-shoot form factor, I'm looking forward to being able to build it into 3 different kits: One just barebones/tourist pocket camera. One with a viewfinder and pistol grip or the edelkrone shoulder brace, and lastly a rod system with mattebox and cage, which will be taken out the least imo. Thanks a bunch! Good to hear someone likes my work! ;p Looking forward to being able to share my learning curve with you all!
  6. GoPro Hero4 Studio for timelapses and some scenics. Just sold my F3/Gemini kit, and am waiting for my new [to me] BMPCC to arrive in the mail.
  7. Cool! Really enjoyed the blog post too. My Sony F3 finally sold for far too little, but luckily that was still double what I needed to buy a used BMPCC with zoom and 6 batteries from ebay, augmenting the purchase with a 128GB Extreme Pro SD card. Now just to receive it sometime this week and start the learning curve. Can't wait to start showing some projects here!
  8. Quick question on my phone while waiting for a gig...... Does anyone here still use the BMPCC? I remember the plethora of lacking features and bugs when it got released, but haven't heard much since then. Has it improved? What should I know before picking one up? What does the workflow on a PC look like? These days I'm filming interviews on cheap DSLRs with good lighting, but looking for a light camera that can do landscapes, stock footage, and is portable enough to bring on family trips and store in my one camera/clothes closet. Sorry for the cell phone formatting, thanks for your time!
  9. Update: It is now for sale on ebay with a starting bid of $3000cad and no reserve at: http://www.ebay.ca/itm/-/272751691520?
  10. Thanks both of you for your recommendations! Once I get a moment of downtime I'm going to look into both options and figure out what I can afford.
  11. Good morning! Starting my day editing a kids' teaser at a far too noisy coffeeshop.....joys of working on the road. Screenshot for kicks. With my work starting to lean away from editing and more into camera operation, and with clients who sometimes don't understand DPX sequences, S-Log, etc., I'm starting to offer colour-correction and export for more friendly file types as part of the package. That said, I'm currently editing on a Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming. Powerful enough, but terrible colour accuracy. I'd like to keep a colour accurate monitor at my desk specifically for prepping files for delivery. I am hoping to find a good used one or a less expensive new one as budget is pretty low atm. (My main show starts late July). Only one catch though.....my laptop can only send video via HDMI. Any suggestions?
  12. Really good! How'd you do the holographic bits of the car? Did it take many people to pull off the moving lights at the same time as dolly moves at the beginning?
  13. Hello! Tried to sell my F3 a while ago, but at the time wanted to get enough to buy a suitable replacement camera. This time, due to a change in work, I don't care about replacing my F3 with anything else just yet. It is in mint condition with under 800hrs, comes with batteries, media, and bag/case. Imgur album here: http://imgur.com/a/smLRi I originally paid $3k for the F3, $1k for the Gemini, batteries for ~$300ea, plus all other accessories separately. In addition to the pics, I managed to pick up a loupe that fastens to the flip-out LCD on the F3. If you or someone you know is looking for a good workhorse of a 1080 camera with uncompressed log capabilities, please fire me a message with what you think is a reasonable price.
  14. Reducing price based on eBay research: $4000 obo. Depending where you are I'll throw in shipping.
  15. @Dogtown Yeah, I was very pleasantly surprised that no one tried low-balling me! A big reason why I don't rush sales, just ain't worth it. I'm trying to recuperate some of my cost, mainly since (unlike a bunch of them online) mine does have all the accessories to run, including over 1TB of Gemini cards, which seem to be a hard find at the moment. Lori (Vidgear.com) is currently assessing if the kit is worth her getting involved, but if not I'll put it back on eBay at a lower price, say, $3900 for the kit? The fellow I bought the lens from is still a good friend, and we are committed to never letting the lens leave our ownership.....it's an absolutely stellar lens. And yeah, if it doesn't sell, big deal. I'll still have a very good 1080 camera that I can move north with and film wildlife, scenics, and anything else I apply myself to. I'll miss out on the ergonomics and agility of a preferred camera, but I can always keep saving and get a GHx or something later for glidecam work. Again, the 2 "main" factors of this swap are: 1) file sizes vs. image, 2) camera size/weight/agility.
  16. Unfortunately, false alarm! I went off a high estimate on shipping, plus ebay calculated costs, but the "godsend" buyer was actually a fraud. Tried to get my paypal email outside of the system and gave a cell number to facilitate "fast communications".......nope! Unfortunately the whole thing locked up my selling limits for the time being. When it goes back up it'll be a bit cheaper. @Dogtown if you were selling my kit, what would you try and get? I spent a little over $5K usd, would love to recuperate that but not fixated on it. Just want to swap it out for another.
  17. Clearly I am still but a Padawan in the presence of masters....Lol, seriously, lots of good advice in this thread. However.....this morning I woke up to a notification that my kit has sold. It's bittersweet, as I have had so much difficulty buying parts and lugging it to unappreciative clients etc.....but I'll miss it too. It's captured some amazing images for me in the past. It just makes more fiscal and ergonomic sense for a smaller camera in my situation.
  18. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying.....Why would I adapt F-mount to FD-mount to fit onto FZ-mount? I already am using an FD to FZ adapter to convert old canon glass onto the F3. The main issue here is that the Sigma 18-50mm @IronFilm suggested seems to be electronic aperture, and I'd like to know how he controls said aperture on a camera that doesn't support it.
  19. So I've been recording 12-bit this whole time without realizing it? (Gemini 4:4:4 via 2 HD-SDI cables) How do you use the F3 with the electronic aperture? I know there's a metabones adapter that runs for around $1200 and can manipulate aperture and use IS, but that's way out of my current budget at the moment. Part of the reason I'm using FD lenses is for the manual aperture.
  20. I actually do use a Sonnet SxS to SD adapter, but I discovered it after I already purchased 2 Sony SxS cards and a reader ($300)..... I also use a Canon FD to FZ adapter ($200), but the widest lens I can find is a 28mm, which with the crop amounts to about 40mm. I'd prefer to have option of going wider, hence why I carry the bulk of a DigiOptec 18-50mm PL around. You have any recommendations for getting the same range on a lighter lens? Also, on your camera page, you mention 12-bit out of the F3.....from the specs I have it only does 10-bit.....how'd you get it to do 12?
  21. This. Very much this. For bread-and-butter I've been pigeon-holed into filming and cutting speaker events, and the mundane nature of it has been draining to say the least. These days I don't look forward to editing anymore. Hopefully, given a stable income and some space I can re-cultivate creative projects again. Yep. 1080 will do just fine, though I wouldn't really want less than 60fps overcrank! The GH4 became tempting to me this last week due to the 96fps. We'll see how it goes, can't move to another cam if this one doesn't sell, making it a moot point.
  22. Definitely a camcorder guy now that I've discovered all the efficiencies vs DSLR. The GH4 and 5 do look really nice though, and if I'm just doing beauty shots, then 96/180fps does become very tempting! It hurts to say, but I don't need 10-bit or 4K for what I typically do. Both the FS5 and C100MkII have 12+ stops DR before using external recorders, which is definitely less than the 13.5 I get currently, but I need to record 11GB/min to get that benefit. If these smaller cameras can do it with the baked-in codec, then I can manage without the high data.
  23. Totally! I don't think I could ever leave making videos behind, and while up there I fully intend to take whichever camera I own out to film wildlife and other personal projects, plus any work that comes my way. I'm just trying to go for something a little easier to bring around and less intimidating to others. (Like any pro camera, the F3 does grab attention ) I actually got to use a GH4 the other day, and am pretty impressed! Not much low-light ability but being able to overcrank to 96fps was pretty cool! If the GH5 is just as much a dream to work with, I may go that route, though I think I'd prefer an "all-in-one" camera so I am not worrying about all the bits and bobs I need to build a rig out of.
  24. On higher quality projects, I run the F3 with native battery and 6" rods to hold the Gemini out back. On 4:2:0 projects I typically just have the camera and handgrip, as light as she gets. For a cinema camera she's light, but in my market I'm typically competing against people running DSLRs and the light (and cheap) support gear that couldn't support the F3. I agree that it is light on the shoulder, but I can't afford the gear I need to get the shots clients in my area are looking for. Side-point: any that can afford to rent support gear for the project typically have enough to hire a RED owner/operator. Don't take this wrong because I'm actually pretty cheerful, but honestly: I'm broke. What little money I had was spent getting a more-expensive-than-was-assured camera operational. The potential clients that I can and have reached (and even one of my close work colleagues) have no need for something with the heft and (amazing) image quality of the F3, especially when 5Ds and XA30s will will do perceptively the same job for less weight, support gear, and data storage (not to mention proprietary parts hassle). .......W-w-ould you like a fourth? :P Seriously though, I agree with all of what you said in that post. I'm not selling the F3 and Gemini to get a "better camera", as I'm really impressed and excited at the stuff I have been able to film with it, and I don't think I could find a better image in my price range. For the work that I've actually been able to get profitable gigs though, I don't need uncompressed recording, nor 13.5 stops of DR. I need something that doesn't require a bunch of proprietary-gear workarounds (SxS? FZ-mount?). If it has a nice image with some ability to colour-grade, SD recording, can be flown on glidecam, and use commonly-available lenses, then it does the kind of work my typical client wants. Thanks for the responses, it's really good to be able to bounce this off people who aren't Sony fanboys or evangelists. Also of note: For many reasons, personal and financial, my wife and I are considering the move to NWT where I would work an hourly job and leave full-time video behind, at least for the time being. While it is true the F3 hasn't worked out as well as I originally hoped for all the reasons mentioned, my filmmaking environment would also be drastically changing. We would be in a highly remote location, I would be completely solo for anything I film, with no budget for DPX sequence storage, and other factors. I would also be filming mainly for personal reasons (my son growing up, micro-films, scenic landscapes and wildlife, etc) with the odd wedding/grad/funeral as foreseeable paid gigs on weekends. For these circumstances, it is more important to have a more agile camera with good internal recording than it is to have an inexpensive cinema camera. If I still have the F3, then I'll bring the F3 up. But if I can make this change, I'd like to do it before it becomes impossible to sell the camera with enough leftover to get another.
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