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  1. I also got the email via CVP. Hopefully something interesting considering the amount marketing waffle in the email.
  2. robbino

    Mini Slider

    Thanks for this, just purchased from Amazon
  3. That's great to hear. I already have the same as you a Novation Launchcontrol (cheap, especially second hand) and Hercules DJ controller (great if I can map the focus to the jog wheel). Thanks for your efforts on this
  4. Although I would like the big one, I would also really like the full blown midi version (not an option for that in the poll ). Looking forward to trying this out
  5. Hi, Just thought I would share that Avid have just released a free editor for Mac and Windows, Avid Media Composer : First. According to the website you get 4K editing, 4 video tracks and 8 audio tracks. Enjoy
  6. Thanks for your reply. I also have a Pi so looking forward to when you give the information on this, great work
  7. Do you mind me asking what you using to interface the controller to the camera BTM_Pix? I have a midi controller which I was going to get rid off, but this looks like fun.
  8. Novation midi controller to alter settings
  9. I meant the bitrates that are not the standard ones on your camera. I'll have a play with the mov settings tomorrow, thanks
  10. I have tried to get some higher rate video modes on the GX80 ("mp4ed") and although the camera does respond with the OK message that they are set it defaults to the standard 24p 4K as @BTM_Pix had said earlier. If others want to try and dig around some more I have included my HTML file I have been using that has all the MP4 movie options as a drop down list for GX80 NTSC, I'll keep hunting in the meantime GX80-Wifi-Control.html
  11. Trying to use the latest beta build of 14 and it seems very unstable to me, just trying simple operations it randomly crashes. No other programs I use falls over. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing as I really want to use this latest version. Hopefully they can release a more stable version soon.
  12. Tried CineD using 0,-5,-5,-5 and then applied the free LUT from Noam Kroll, very nice results to my very untrained eye.
  13. Another useful command to list the options available is: <P><A HREF="">All Menu</A></P> Attached is the XML file it produces. allmenu.txt
  14. File of the output below Unfortunately Vlog does not work all_options_GX80.txt
  15. Thanks so much BTM_Pix for your post, great work If you add the following line to your original HTML file you can see all the options available: <P><A HREF="">Options available</A></P>
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