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  1. I went with a Sony FX6.   The Phantom LUT’s(which are also available for the A7siii) are pretty nice.  I’m not really a fan of the DSLR/mirrorless/still cameras and their handling as I don’t do stills professionally.  So far so good....it’s a good camera for sure.

  2. Thanks?.  I was poking fun at the media in my bio.  Anchorage had a big earthquake in November.  One media story said the earthquake occurred in Alaska’s capital city.....which is actually Juneau (where I live).  It’s only 850 miles by road and ferry between Anchorage and Juneau, they are practically neighbors, so easy to see the mistake ? 

    Also, a news anchor on the news was talking over video of cars stranded on little sections of asphalt while the rest of the road had dropped 20 or 30 feet around them.  The video showed a street sign (Minnesota Drive) where this had occurred.  The anchor excitedly exclaimed

    ‘I know right where this is!  Minnesota Drive is the road that comes up from the lower 48 and then continues on over to the Aleutian Islands.’

    In reality the Aleutian Islands are over 1000 miles to the west of Anchorage.  Minnesota Drive is actually a road that goes north and south through Anchorage.  It’s most well known by visitors as it is the road you get on when driving to the Ted Stevens International Airport to leave Anchorage.  You drive on Minnesota to International Airport road.  There are no roads in Alaska to the west of Anchorage.  In fact the only roads in Alaska, go right through the center of the state, north to south.  The road system connects Seward and Homer on the coast to Anchorage area and Anchorage area to Fairbanks in the interior and continues north to Deadhorse and Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean.  But you can’t really go west at all in Alaska unless you are in a plane.  Even to go east and drive from Anchorage to Juneau, you have to use Canada’s road system.  In fact, over 80% of Alaska is not accessible by roads at all!   So I was just poking fun at the media who were stating ‘facts’ about the earthquake and Alaska that were a bunch of hogwash.  Typical ‘fake news’ these days it’s kind of disheartening to see as I got my start as a tv news videographer/editor and these days there is almost no fact checking they just run stories without making sure they are accurate.

    As to the gimbal, the Accsoon is very good.  As I said close to a Ronin.  The Ronin has a couple advantages ‘one being how you can hold the trigger to lock it then release it to go back into another mode.’  I go through some of these advantages in my review.  But the Accsoon is very smooth, easy to balance, made pretty well, and smaller and lighter than the Ronin S while boasting the same payload.  Much like cameras, you have to choose the features that are important to you, there is no ‘best’.

  3. On 1/2/2017 at 10:49 AM, Dustin said:

    Thats great but at this point in time I don't wanna use FCPX when I like Premiere just fine for my uses. (After Effects too). I have used FCP but honestly it hasn't been since version 7 and I really cut my teeth on premiere so I favor it. That said if the day comes when I need to jump to FCPX or Resolve, I don't care as long as I get the job done.

    Yeah, I get that.  If you are a Premiere user, I think the idea of switching to Windows may be something a lot of people look into.  I personally refuse to support the subscription payment model, so don't use any Adobe products other than my old CS6 stuff.  But if you are an Adobe person, I can see the reasons that people may be looking to switch.  I was just commenting that the 'benchmarks' that were being quoted as something a person would want (quad core i7 processor, 512GB SSD, 16GB Ram, and so on) can also be bought on the Apple platform fairly cheaply.  It seems that there has been a little bit of 'slowing down' in the computer arms race recently. Insofar as many newer updated computers on both the Apple and Windows side are not as big a step forward over the older ones, as they used to be.  Improvements are still coming, just slower than they used to come.

  4. On December 29, 2016 at 6:41 AM, Dustin said:

    Exactly. I have no issue paying a premium as long as I feel like I'm getting a premium. I get it prices go up, economies change, but just IMO apple just doesn't give you good specs for the money. Putting build quality aside it makes no sense that for under $1500 on a windows laptop I can get at least a UHD screen, 16gigs of ram, SSD drive and the latest i7 processors. Also decent graphics card. I love macs but for me I can't say for certain I will be purchasing one when mine eventually gives out/needs change

    Well, I just got a older rMBP (2013).  It had retina screen, 16 gigs of ram, 512gig SSD drive, i7 quad core 2.8ghz CPU, integrated and discrete GPU (750 2gb).  It was a refurb and I bought it for $800.  I understand you are talking about having the newest CPU and GPU on the market so maybe not an option.  But I needed something for mobile editing (I've got a desktop).  I use FCP X and Motion and I can literally do everything I could do with Premiere Pro and After Effects (I wasn't very good with expressions so maybe that is why) only much faster.  It's faster on my desktop as I have a 980Ti (6GB) GPU in it, but the 2013 rMBP is pretty fast itself.

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