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  1. Just tried GHa with HLG vs FLOG. Is this the flog banding you're talking about @androidlad? It's really noticeable in this shot (carpet and right side of wall) the hlg doesn't have this issue or is really minimal compared to flog.
  2. I don't know if this has been addressed here but I'm finding some issues with flog with the xt3. Has anyone experienced these "pink splotches" before? These were shot in 10bit H.265. I'm finding that the HLG doesn't suffer from this issue. I placed a lut to emphasize the issue. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. I have tried converting to Ari log from flog also and I don’t which I like better. There are differences but I’m just trying to see how close to the original process I can get until the official Xt3 version comes out. At the end of the day, I guess it’s whatever looks good to your preferences. Thanks guys.
  4. @Sage eagerly waiting for the XT3 version! I converted the flog to vlog first then added GHA. Is this the correct process? What do you guys think!?
  5. Thanks BTM_Pix for this discovery and release! Here's a quick test that I did. Nothing fancy. I also didn't have my laptop at the time but I wanted to see how I can grade it. Transferred the 1080 files to my iPhone 6 and edited and graded to taste there using VideoLut App. For shooting and quick grading on the go (for social media posts, etc.)This setup will prove to be very valuable!
  6. I like the end result with the tweaks! I was bored and took the original file and ran it through my workflow to see what it would look like. Using the Pro Color with it as well. All a matter of taste. I use the GX85 as well. Cheers!
  7. Was on vacation with the wifey for New Years and got to play and mess with the Lut some more for our shoots. Shot on Recommended Settings
  8. This was shot with the Gx85 and the contrast was 0, I was shooting jpegs along with vids and I forgot to change the color profile to the the recommended settings when I shot that day. Even then, I love the images I was getting, and shot even more footage yesterday with the recommended settings and they are great!!
  9. The pink cast is easy to tone down though or remove if you know what you're doing.
  10. I added another lut on top of the Pro Color, that crushed the blacks in the final step. I wanted to see how far I can grade it with the Pro Color as a base. If you compare the SOTC and the Final there's some detail there in the blacks. It was more a matter of taste on how much contrast I wanted.
  11. LOVING the images I'm getting with this Lut! Gives you a great looking image with one step, and if you want to grade further the images just sings!! I feel that it works great with my grading style! I like to lift the shadows first and extra detail by inverting the image with an adjustment layer, then adding the Pro Color, then grading to taste! Such a great time saver! I'm happy to have this in my arsenal now.
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