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  1. very good test of 2014 it takes into account many parameters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E92jDQpou4Q&ab_channel=kurtenbachfilm
  2. hi @kyeI had the same impression as @Mattias Burling (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGEYd863ekw) i don't like "I hate" manual focus By Wire, for me it's the biggest problem with this camera
  3. I hope he has a sense of humor :D It's more professional than personal It is true that the image looks more like the mark II because of the moire
  4. it could be a 5D mark III, no ? How you can make the différence between a 5D mark II and a mark III with looking at these pictures only? @Andrew Reid You knew very well that the close-ups does not pose big broblem of moire and aliasing For a filming in FHD with a C300 and an XC10 the choice of a 5D mark III as a B camera It seems obvious to me And I think a "soft" image is more flattering for the face of putin
  5. google translate "he who can do more can do less" Unfortunately this is not the case here, as usual …Since the time we understood the lesson… (Panasonic, sony, canon are a Japanese company that shares the market with well-established strategy, there is no competition between them And the two new camera of canon and panasonic demonstrates it very well) From this imposed logic, for me the C200 is the competitor of the RED and not the PANA EVA When you buy a red it is for the RAW, It should be the same for the c200 Generally the must used compression in REd
  6. "written with google translate" I do not know if I am the only one to wait the test of the xc10 by andrew : ( especially when it compares the xc10 to a c300 (mark2)
  7. hello, @hyalinejim @kidzrevil @BenEricson "i hope my English is understandable" I like your pictures : ) I just bought an xc10 I will start to make tests in my turn, I bought it to make a documentary in your opinion, if you only have a single tiffen filter to choose to shoot in 1080p only and probably in WIDE DR mod, what would it be ? here a test but in french (The test was done before the firmware update) http://urlz.fr/4qxf basically they say that the c log is not a LOG curve but a compression of the highlights and WIDE DR is better choice the
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