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  1. Next project I had a chat with a friend of mine about using the mesmerizer with a set of M42 primes and the Krasnogorsk K3 :D
  2. hey thanks mr. Tony Wilson for your insight. could not agree more (or less? I don't remember what's the correct form) with what you said. The Mesmerizer we used we got told it shoot some of the historical Martini ad. don't know how famous those ad are outside of italy, or if you even know what I am talking about. :D I have, unfortunately, never been able to shoot with any isco lenses, therefore I won't be able to compare them. But knowing being a rehoused Isco 54 or inflight, now I will look for one of those on ebay :D Though, for ease of use, I have to say that the mesmerizer it's simply great. I can imagine you could rehouse any anamorphic and adapt the body to mimc the functioning of the mesmerizer, or pair your favorite anamorphic lens with a Rapido clamp technology so to ease the correct alignment, still I don't think they could guarantee the degree of accuracy you get with having the allign sign on the body of the lens itsels. Togheter with a lens support
  3. here's the link to the ebay listing. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=142200867262#ht_500wt_1156
  4. Hi everyone. I decided that the Rangefinder is no use to me. I have barely used it, and it's basically like new. Nothing wrong with it. Attached are pictures of it. I will make an AD on ebay this week. Let me know if anyone is interested!
  5. Thank you Justin to find interest in this post. Magic lantern files can come in 16bit or 14bit depending how you convert them raw2cdng, mlvrawviewer and other encapsulate them in 16 bit. for example Magic Lanter RAW video converter 1.9.1 in 14bit I personally use Lightroom for all my .dngs or Adobe Camera Raw. Usually I create a look in lightroom and export it in .xmp via photoshop so that I can apply it easily to all the clips once I convert them in after effects (even though I think I will migrate to resolve and simply work with .dngs that way :D ) C) Digital Bolex if I am not mistaken are 12bit dng with baked in white balance. Same as odyssey 7q+, blackmagic etc. :D
  6. My experience working with the mesmerizer and the CP2 made double focusing very easy. we shot all the footage between T2.8 and T4. Every time we moved the camera or we needed to adjust focus I could easily focus the taking lens onto my subject and then refine the focusing with the mesmerizer. We didn't need to rack focus for the type of filming we were doing, but I figure that a skilled focus puller could manage to pull focus on both the mesmerizer and the taking lens. A quirk of this optics is that the focus throw is actually an incredible 390 degree circa. you can focus beyond the closest focus mark set at 6 feet, but then the scale restart from infinity so it could trick you into thinking the adapter is set at infinity - 50 feet while for real it is set at the closest focusing point.
  7. double focusing is not as hard as with other anamorphic adapters. and the optical quality is great.
  8. Hi Everyone. During my quest to understand how raw files work and what are the benefits of using one format over another, I never really found out a clear definitive answer. So i decided to start this topic in oder to do so. My fundamental questions are: A) Which raw files DON'T have baked-in white balance? B) Is there anything as logarithmic raw files? And the answers I have found so fare are: A) .ari files and Magic Lantern 14bit .dng files B) I don't consider .MXF or .R3D files to be raw but uncompressed video therefore no. Otherwise I would say that the only logarithmic raw files are MXF files Pretty much all other kind of raw files out there turn out not to be really raw as they claim. In my opinion, I found that working with a linear file was a safer bet against blown highlights and being able to truly change white balance and at least magenta/green shifts (unfortunately no blue/amber cast in lightroom for me, only magic lantern allows you to correct that in camera :D) Maybe for you all the answer to this question are obvious, but I though it would be nice to have a little corner of the net with a clear cut answer to which camera does generate TRUE raw files (I am looking at YOU: RED, SONY, CANON, BLACKMAGIC ) Because, I would be pretty pissed off if i'd bought a sony f55 or a RED Raven or a Blackmagic Ursa or any other 10k+ camera and find out I can't truly change white balance in post e.g.: The lumetri panel in premiere does not do that. It only apply a azure/orange filter to the image to simulate white balance shift.
  9. E i know! :D I have seen that link myself, but at the moment I lack the financial funds to buy the mesmerizer :D The king of anamorphic adapter in my opinion. and minimum focus distance is not that bad: 1.7m I found it it's more than enough to get close ups with an 85mm taking lens (That's what we used most of the time 50mm or 85mm plus the mesmerizer
  10. Hi folks, recently I was filming in Italy and we filmed everything with an F55 with CP2 lenses and this godsend anamorphic adapter that really blew me away. The sheer size of it, unbelievable! I only found a brief mention of it on the forum, but on cinematography.com I was able to retireve a bit more information. Anyway, for this shoot I intended to use my Kowa B&H, as I really pressed to shoot part of the short in anamorphic, but as you can imagine, without machining out a proper adapter for the CP2 lenses this was a no go. The thing that baffled me the most, is that, I have been interested into filming in anamorphic for quite a while, and believe me, I searched far and wide for lenses like this. Also, I found that double focusing with this lens was not really an issue, quite often I could easily focus through with the CP2s and adjust the anamorphic focus later. Rarely we needed to use a tape measurer. I was never lucky to get my hands on an ISCO 36 or other ISCOs, so I can't really know if they are as good, therefore folks is there anyone here having played around with both?
  11. Photography and moviemaking are industries destined to disappear and became hobbies mainly. I believe that in 100 years from now, making movies will be a pastime of doctors, lawyers, engineers, bankers etc. (In some ways, it already is) and not a career anymore. Creating good images it's already so stupidly easy, and creating good content is incredibly easy if the majority of the audience has already very low standards. Paired with the fact that for most people piracy is legitimate, I believe it is only a matter of time before virtually anyone well off will be able to be a "part-time Spielberg".
  12. I kinda distrust by instinct post on ebay that have the word RARE or MINT in the title.. I mean, after all how can the guy prove that the lens is legit?
  13. Hey thanks a lot for the link to that forum post, I am devouring it! it is very interesting
  14. Aaah I see what you mean. I Only wish I had enough money to buy lenses and experiment with it!
  15. Are there any link to any DIY front element mods? Thanks
  16. I believe that the rangefinder degrades the image too much for my taste , I mean I could use it if I wanted a specific effect, but my experience with it have left me with a bit bitter, oh and I LOVE the focus breathing you get with double focusing
  17. If I knew of a way to hack into the pdmovie app and link the two channel together that would be my option of choice. And when I say "if I knew" I mean that unless someone else comes up with a way of doing that, I would have to learn how to do that.. And I guess it would take me a few good years starting now! :D what I kinda know is that app design for iOs is an easier environment than Android. I am no hacker at all, but maybe there is a way do design an app in Android to "take over" the pdmovie motors and program them in a way I mentioned above. Those motors do not look bulky at all to me By the way, would really love to see what you are coming up!
  18. Hi everyone! I would like to share this theory with you all because I am in no position to test it out without spending a small fortune. Recently I cam across this: https://www.pdmovie.co.uk/collections/remote-air-mini/products/pdmovie-mini-02-remote-air-mini-dual-channel?variant=19159935171 The follow focus works via bluetooth. you can download it's app from the apple app store it only works with iOs devices at the moment. Fiddling with it a bit I found myself thinking: "If you could set the focus markings for the anamorphic lens on the FOCUS section of the app, set the markings of the taking lens on the IRIS section, then link all the marks together so, the problem should be solved right?" Do you think it would be possible to link two channel and synchronize them like the genius behind this?: Or hack the app so to be able to using it in that way? I am no expert of programming, but the people behind PDMovie could be really in a position to make double focusing easier, IMHO
  19. Hi Everyone! I thought just to say hi after I decided to Join the forum. Love shooting anamorphic and it would be nice to exchange a word or two with other fellow anamorphic shooters instead of lurking on the forum. You know, give something back, if you know what I mean.
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