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  1. Just used an FS700 yesterday, ironically with Metabones Speedbooster and Canon glass. Video looked incredible. We shot lacrosse footage in the rain at 240fps and it was stunning. I think it's a very capable camera, especially in the hands of a good videographer. If it makes sense, go for it, you can always resell if you're not 100% happy. The only way you'll know is to try it out, as it's a very subjective question.
  2. I can't answer your question directly, but if I were in your shoes I'd most definitely take up the offer to have the work broadcast, and I'd rent the proper camera to shoot your documentary at appropriate spec. It sounds like your career is moving forward, no need to limit yourself to save a few bucks, as this next project will likely lead to more (larger in nature, I presume).
  3. Are you looking primarily for an anamorphic lens? That would suit you for video -- but produces a very particular cinematic look. For stills, you'll probably want a prime lens with a large aperture. Something like a Nikon 50mm f1.4 G or Nikon 85mm f1.8 G.
  4. ncam

    "No-budget" Video

    I bought a Panasonic G7, got a good price from a friend. The meaning of "no-budget" was that I really don't have a set amount of funds set aside to dedicate to this, just trying to get into a better video camera at the lowest price possible. I picked up a Zhongyi Nikon Lens Turbo too so that I can adapt some of my Nikon. All-in, I'm at about $350, and I still have my D7000. I'll keep details coming once I get the camera. Also, for all of the D5500 suggestions -- my roommate currently owns one, so I'll be borrowing his as needed (was totally unaware that he owned one, I thought it was a D5200 for the longest time, but he doesn't shoot much at all, so I barely ever see it.)
  5. ncam

    "No-budget" Video

    To reply to multiple response: Yes, I've considered shooting with a phone, and no I absolutely am not interested in it. I like to have full control over focal point, aperture, shutter speed, ISO and focal distance. I'm also not replacing my D7000 – which will remain my primary stills camera, hence the interest in a MFT camera that is more suited towards video.
  6. ncam

    "No-budget" Video

    Yeah, this is what led to a broader search on my part. At first glance, the 50D looks great, but it's definitely too good to be true. I'm thinking that a Panasonic G6, GH2, or Nikon D5500 might be best.
  7. ncam

    "No-budget" Video

    Thanks for all of the input and discussion! I'm looking to spend more in the ballpark of $200-$300 and then upgrade later on, once I feel as though I've gained some skill with video.
  8. ncam

    "No-budget" Video

    Cool! Thanks for the help! I did look into the D5500 and I'm very interested by it, I'm just not sure that I want to surrender the D7000 as I do use it frequently for landscape and event photography (need the weather seals and mag-alloy body)
  9. ncam

    "No-budget" Video

    Hi all, Totally new here and looking forward to jumping in on the conversation. I'm a student of media and communication in Rochester, NY. I have experience in stills, but I am just delving into video. I currently shoot with a Nikon D7000 and an ever-changing assortment of lenses. The D7000 is very limiting as far as video goes, so I'm looking to add a camera to my bag that will open up some new avenues as far as frame rates and bit rates go. I'm interested in learning more about color grading, so naturally RAW video is attractive to me, but that comes at a price -- both monetary and in terms of other gear to support the file sizes. With that being said, I'm interested in picking up a body that will let me explore some more video options. Particularly I've been looking at Canon cameras, paired with Magic Lantern (i.e. EOS-M, T2i, 50D, 7D) or possibly a Panasonic camera (G6, GH2). I'm looking for something that I can shoot compressed video which can be color graded, as well as something that opens up more options in the realm of RAW capabilities and higher frame rates. Just looking to hear what you all have found works well! (As an example of where this question comes from, I've been exploring Magic Lantern's "Raw capabilities chart" but have yet to find significant information regarding the Magic Lantern possibilities for compressed video.) My only requirement is the ability to shoot 1080p (obviously, lower in RAW). Thanks, Nick
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