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  1. Hey BasiliskFilm, We're not 100% sure on the status of an authorized EU distributor as of yet, but we'd be happy to keep you informed if we learn otherwise. We're also considering opening up shipment to certain EU countries from the USA, the only problem with that is customs/VAT charges that customers may need to incur, which is unfortunate.
  2. Hi there everyone, Just wanted to chime in and give a big thank you for all of the support! Zhiyun has done a fantastic job with the Crane and we think the product really speaks for itself. We essentially sold out of almost all of our stock within a few days when the Crane initially launched. As one of the main distributors of Zhiyun products in the USA, we wanted to let you know that we're offering a 5% discount off orders when ordering direct through our website, www.zhiyun.us. Feel free to use the code "EOSFORUMS" at checkout to apply the discount, this should help some of you save aro
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