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  1. How do you compare the video autofocus between the 7III and the rIII ?
  2. Both actually , but stronger issue with apsc lenses.
  3. No I didn’t record proxy . I just tried another A7r3 at my camera store and we found out that the problem is only with apsc lenses . No hunting with full frame lenses. A little bit of hunting with full frame lenses on apsc mode too.. there are clearly a problem with apsc mode on this camera , I’m surprise to read nothing about it.
  4. Hi everybody, I have a big issue with my a7r3 concerning the video autofocus, specialy with my 18-105mm and 10-18mm lenses. I'm using face detection and I always get A LOT of hunting in the background. I tried with all the different autofocus setting and I never had this problem on my a6500. Here is an exemple of my problem, during an interview and a gimbal shot : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYXaCTpv-2s&feature=youtu.be anyone with the same problem ? Thanks
  5. Yes I have this setting since the beginning but it’s still slower than my a6500..
  6. Is there anyone disappointed with A7r3 video af ? I found it way slower than on my a6500 with the same setting...
  7. Amazing gimbal for the price, very easy to balance ! here my first footage with the beast : Works better with OIS lenses thought , i got some shaking when i'm using my voigtlander lenses, i need to practice.
  8. Maybe the Tamron SP 24-70 mm F/2,8 for canon mount ? its cheaper and have stabilization.
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