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  1. How do I get a Kowa B&H rehoused by Pooli? I cannot calibrate it after adjusting the tabs etc. etc. it just wont focus anymore. thank you!

  2. I am having issues with focusing on my Kowa B&H after using it for 2 years. Ive done Tito's tune up and it isnt focusing at infinity during the test and i cant get it to be sharp until i stop way down 4-5 or more stops. close ups are soft too, so its alignment is still off. I would love to get this set up to look nice again. Any help greatly appreciated!! HCDNA, kowa B&H, voigt 40, viltrox dummy adapter(no glass), GH5 thank you, Adam
  3. i dealt with this 2 years ago and now i forgot how to fix when the bokeh ovals go outa focus horozonal instead of verticle?? ive rotated the B&H etc. it is opposite when the lens is vert, the bokeh goes horo etc. HCDNA, kowa B&H, voigt 40, viltrox dummy adapter, GH5 thank you!
  4. airfox

    Feelworld F7

    Anyone out there???
  5. airfox

    Feelworld F7

    I am having trouble getting my Feelworld F7 to show full screen. the image is floating in the center?? zoom is only 400% so that wont work...
  6. I have a Kowa B&H paired with a Voigtlander 40mm f/2, through the metabones speedbooster (ultra or xl??) onto the GH5. This set up on the GH4 caused no vignetting, On GH5 theres significant vignetting, i imagine its the "no crop" on the GH5. I would imagine this focal length would be fine. I tried turning off IBIS and that didnt help. When I create a new sequence, do i choose square pixels or anamorphic? when i choose ana now, it creates a really really wide frame. Thanks for any guidance!
  7. Hunterj11 Do you or anyone here still have anamorphics? Thank you!
  8. u open to selling the second Kowa B&H?
  9. I am interested as long as theres no fungus, scratches, dust etc. I will give you $500 today.
  10. I am interested. can u see the minor dust particles in the shot if u shoot into the light, etc? thank you!
  11. If u have any left I am also interested. Thank you.
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