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  1. What's the workflow like with H.265? I'd imagine it's pretty hard on your workstation while editing.
  2. Hasn't Canon said they won't put 4k in mirrorless because of the C line?
  3. I'm pretty sure this will be our next camera. We're a small team, usually only two man crew, and that price brings it into our range.
  4. Yeah, I don't blame you. The Epic is still a great camera. Especially with the Dragon sensor. I'm also considering the Scarlet-W, but my problem with RED is just knowing when I can get one. Hard to drop almost $20k on something with no real idea of when it's coming.
  5. The more I read about the C500 the more I want one. Might try to rent one for a day or two to figure out all the quirks. One answer I can't seem to find online is the audio workflow with the 7Q. @Andrew Reid, do you know how that works? I'm assuming XLR into the C500 which passes it through to the 7Q over SDI.
  6. Seems like it could be a great camera, but I trust Canon way more than I trust Kinefinity. Just can't bring myself to buy anything from them.
  7. Good thing about the recorder is that it acts as a monitor too. I'd strap on a big monitor anyways. Only problem might be on handheld stuff. Wouldn't be hard to balance though with a decent EVF on the front.
  8. I am seriously considering the C500 plus a Convergent recorder as our next camera. We're a small crew, and we've always been a couple years back in the latest gear. Still shooting on the R1MX, and for our needs it makes a great image. Only problem is it's so darn heavy. Almost bought an F5, and really looked hard at the FS7, but I'm not a fan of Sony's color. Just something off about it to me. FS7 is cheap enough to get away with it, but the menu and other ergonomics are awful to me. Anyway, I've seen some truly beautiful footage from C500's. Hard to think that it won't hold up for several more years.
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