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  1. Hi Liszon, thanks for reminding me to change my privacy settings on Flickr. Those stills are from an unreleased project and I should try to prevent quite so many stills from being downloadable. There's some FPN in some of the images from the Ursa Mini 4.6K where I pushed the sensor pretty hard. I can clean it up, but I just did a super quick grade for those stills until the director sits down with the colorist. Shooting in 4:1 compressed raw. No images of the camera build, but it's pretty standard, rails, lens supports and lenses.
  2. Some frame grabs from a recent shoot with the Rectilux CoreDNA, Schneider ES Cinelux, Contax Zeiss, & Ursa Mini 4.6K. More frame grabs here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/seekingheartwood/albums/72157673728625850/with/29553327104/
  3. yeah test videos 1 and 2 were shot with the latest Ursa Mini 4.6K 4.0 firmware so i could see the desqueezed image on the camera LCD or in an external monitor. test video 3 was done before this and was really difficult to shoot with the squeezed image. the schneider cinelux is the only anamorphic i've had a chance to use so far. i'm curious to try out other anamorphic adapters to compare their different characteristics, but for now i'm pretty happy with my current set up.
  4. really enjoyed working with the CoreDNA. Focus pulling is smooth and easy. Really long throw, which I like. image quality is outstanding, i think definitely the best when compared to the FM or SLR options. It just gets out of the way of the anamorphic image.
  5. just did some tests and a 82mm diopter would work, but a 77mm is too small and causes too much vignetting on 50mm even only using 4:3 area of a super 35 sensor still looking for a good close up lens recommendation
  6. Looking for a fractional close up diopter solution for the Rectilux CoreDNA. It has an 86mm front filter thread. Having a hard time finding something that will work, any ideas?
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