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  1. Actually, I just thought of a great idea! Since you're based in Los Angeles as well, how about I swing by one of your shoots with a light? Coincidentally, the Aputure product manager and I are already doing a tour of film sets in Los Angeles anyways. Seems like you've done your homework on lights so you could give us your input and feedback, which would be invaluable. Likewise, regarding your questions, the product manager is better suited to have this kind of a discussion with you anyways. You can post your findings back here afterwards. Send me an email at ted.sim@aputure.com. Let's do
  2. Hi Tupp, The light isn't out yet or released yet. These shows are just to show what we've been working on and what is still coming out. We'll have full photometric charts once the light is released at the end of May. Not really here to argue with you. We hold to what we say about our lights and I can assure you that the 120T will be no different.
  3. Hey tupp--the best I can say is just to come visit us at at a local convention or see for yourself when the light comes out. Cinegear would be a great time to stop by with your meter! Cheers, Ted
  4. Should be! We're going to do the best we can.
  5. Sorry about the late response guys, it's been a pretty insane week following up NAB. I'll have photometrics for the COB120t lights soon. Seems like there is never enough hours in the day. Photometrics are posted here on the second page. Keep in mind that beam-angle is one of the biggest factors in measuring photometrics. Most LED fresnels focus in all of their output into a single point then measure. This is open-face measurements at a fully-flooded angle. Rest assured, we and plenty of other people online will do luminance comparison tests--especially when the light comes out. COB120tSp
  6. Hey Jonesy! Ted here from Aputure. Didn't get a chance to meet you at the show, but really glad that Jeremy could show you all the new tech. Thanks for the write-up and love. It really means a ton to us. If you don't already know about it, we're got a user group on facebook-- not unlike Black Magic -- where we collect feedback and discuss Aputure stuff. I want to start up a live-stream once a week where we can all discuss what you guys are looking for so we can keep making it. Cheers, Ted
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