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  1. Just had a little play and you are better off using the following for the NX500 to save prefman changes, you still have the issue where some settings don't get saved but you don't need the sleep in between commands. This goes into playback and then back out as movie standby doesn't save the settings, in fact it resets a lot of the movie related ones. st app nx key single pb; st app nx key single pb
  2. Not sure what what the st cap live sd options do, to be honest when I have tried them they don't seem to do anything. Although otto has referenced them in his doc as st cap dp ?? Easiest way to get video standby is to do a st key click right. If you want to save the video preferences this way you will need to do a sleep 1 between the key presses, any quicker and it doesn't work all the time. Be careful though as some of the settings do not get saved this way. On the NX1 I use prefman save. This causes a reboot but saves all the settings. With going into preview and back out i
  3. They are all in the st cap live commands tree which are changes to the live view screen (EVF or LCD) and don't effect capture to SD card.
  4. ok, If you go into movie preview or record a movie on the NX1 the video and osd are locked to the LCD or EVF that you were on when you entered the mode. With this you can turn on and off video, osd, all but if you try to turn on the other non used mode it will not work For example if I go into video standby on the LCD st app bb lcd video - gives only video on the LCD st app bb lcd osd - gives only osd on the LCD st app bb lcd all - gives both video and osd on the LCD If I now do a st app bb lcd off - this switches off the LCD but the EVF isn't enabled. If I no
  5. I have run for 30 mins @ 160 mbit with no problems
  6. yes for 1080 @ 120fps but no for 1080 @ 30fps @ 0.25x (or any other speed modified)
  7. Hi. If I format the card as ext4 the camera reports it cannot read the card format. I have formatted back to exFat with an allocation unit size of 4096 which seems to be more stable for 200Mbits/sec, I haven't had any failures for clips less than 1 min but occasionally it will fail over 1 min.
  8. I am a little confused, I did a recording at 160Mbits/sec, it shows in the info from Medianfo as being 160 Mbps, however if I run that MP4 through the Samsung converter the resulting file shows it as being 440 Mbps, why is this anyone? Is it because you are going from H265 to H264 General Complete name : F:\RAW files should be on e drive\nx1hack\160mbit\SAM_0531.MP4 Format : MPEG-4 Format profile : Base Media / Version 2 Codec ID : mp42 File size : 2.25 GiB Duration : 2mn 0
  9. Sorry, I mean the options in the nx1-pba.sh file 160Mbits/sec and 200Mbits/sec I am running with DIS off and a Manual Focus lens. I have been testing a bit more and noticed that if I run at 200Mbits/sec after a battery removal it will be pretty consistant, however if I have been using the camera for a while then it does crash out after about 6 secs. I have only recorded clips under 1 minute. I have reverted both cards back to 160Mbits/sec, I have just recorded a 25 minute PAL 4096x2160@24fps with no issues.
  10. I have 2 SD cards that I have tested on, a Sandisk 280 MB/s and a Lexar 2000x 300 MB/s On the sandisk it is reliable setting the bitrate @ 160 MB/s, if you step up to 200 it will fail after about 10 seconds. On the Lexar it is reliable setting the bitrate @ 200 MB/s, if you step above this then it fails.
  11. There is now a workaround for NX500 users, by simulating going to preview and back it updates the menu. This can also be used on the NX1 which will allow for further instructions to be done after the menu refresh, like text on the screen. Here is the link to the details - http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/57556055
  12. Tested this and it doesn't work, anything after the prefman save doesn't get executed. I think what happens is that the prefman save on the NX1 causes the camera to crash/reboot which causes an update of the menu system. This means that once you have done the prefman save then that is the end of the effected changes you can make. You could however set the on screen text and put a sleep in then do the changes ending in a prefman save. The only problem is the text will only stay on the screen until the reboot happens.
  13. I don't know if anything after the Prefman save would work as it does a reboot but I will try later today. Yes you should be able to put it into video standby, one of the St commands works, I can't remember off the top of my head, will look it up.
  14. Ok, someone asked if you could change between NTSC and PAL and also change vid mode and shutter speed. They requested an option to switch between NTSC/4K@25fps/1/50 shutter and PAL/1080@120fps/1/250 shutter speed with DIS disabled. So for NTSC/4K@25fps/1/50 shutter enter the following into a corresponding key .sh file: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ prefman set 0 0x00000260 l 1 prefman set 0 0x00000330 l 1 prefman set 0 0x00000310 l 91 prefman save -----------------------------------------------------
  15. If you set an invalid option it does not change and stays its current value. Some settings can be set this way whilst not in the menu, like e-shutter on non nx lenses
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