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  1. @Damphousse Your comments about the lens are true are why I bought the Sigma in the Nikon mount. I do, however, think it's funny that the "professionals" on here all knock the NX1 because the company closed their camera business. I can honestly say that since the day they closed their business, especially with the hacks, the camera footage has actually gotten better. Imagine that...people loving a camera so much they continually try to improve it Shooting videos of my kids, I, like most people in the world, don't need an Arri Alexa. If you only have $1200 to spend...you could do worse than the NX1...
  2. Agreed. We need to make sure they know there are people out here who would use this profile. As for me, it would also result in a purchase of Filmconvert.
  3. Since you asked...I'll give you my 2 cents... I also own the NX1, along with the Sigma 18-35mm (nikon mount), a 18-55 Samdung kit lens and a Rokinon 35mm (Nx mount). I will admit to seeing the occasional Blackmagic footage and thinking it looks incredible... However, for me, the ability to also take stills with the camera eliminated any of the non-4K blackmagics. You can take still frames from 4k footage and they do look good, but, knowing I would need another camera for stills pushed me towards the Samsung NX1. I don't worry too much about it being a "dead" system, as my budget only allows for a purchase like this every 4-5 years anyways. Here is one of my NX1 videos:
  4. @kidzrevil Heard anything more about the NX1 profile from FilmConvert?
  5. Thanks! Cute is the word... It makes sense that this is easier to see if it's in focus with the 35mm. I'm going to try the focus peaking and see where if that helps. I hate to leave such a beautiful lens in the bag all the time Tim
  6. @ricardo_sousa11 Nice images...you definitely get to go to some cool events! My entry this month is certainly not as polished as yours, but, nonetheless, here it is... Still using your settings. Quick question...do you find it hard to focus with the Sigma 18-35mm? I have it as well and it is a royal pain to make sure I am sharply focused, as compared to my Rokinon 35mm (which this was shot with). Tim
  7. @iamoui These look really nice...organic, even. How do you like film convert for the NX1 footage?
  8. @Parker and @ricardo_sousa11 You guys are really showcasing what this camera can do. My videos are not quite at that level yet, so keep sharing your latest settings with us all! We will keep posting our latest videos. @August McCue Great video...I watched it less from a critical perspective and just as someone trying to "re-live" the day...I would be quite happy if my wedding video came out that good
  9. In-camera was Gamma DR, master black 5, Luminance 16-235, Saturation -1, Sharpness -10, Contrast -3, Red /Green X0.95, Blue X1.00. Shot at 24p. Converted to 422 ProRes (LT) in EditReady, then pulled into Final Cut Pro.
  10. We found our way to the beach last weekend and had to take the NX1 and Sigma 18-35mm with me. This is a short edit. Using the ASCEND LUT as the basis with some iMovie Film Grain @ 20%. Hope you guys like it...
  11. Here is my latest. Still mostly using Ricardo's settings in camera. Experimenting with some new LUTs on this one...
  12. As someone who has yet to install the hacks...it would be nice for Andrew to install them and spotlight these developments with a proper article. You can find tons of information / reviews of the ML hacks for Cannon...all of this for the NX1 is found on two forums. Since I also purchased Andrew's NX1 guide, I think that should be updated with at least a summary of the possibilities that are now possible and how that can lead to a better image.
  13. For the IWTLKBAP lut pack, do you guys typically use the .709 REC file or the LOG version of the LUT?
  14. Not my video...but, this one looks pretty good with the M31 LUT from Osiris...
  15. OK...I have been able to pop on here every few days and check some of the progress for the hack. Some of the footage looks amazing and the developers should be commended! My question is this...as someone how has not hacked yet and this is my only camera, is the hack STABLE enough to install? Do you lose any other functions because of installing the hack? Lastly, what / where are the shortest instructions to install the hack? I have an NX1.
  16. Nice, Ricardo...quick question: Do you use a "pre-LUT" before you apply the Sunderland? Or, do you just import the footage and apply the LUT?
  17. For those that have an NX1, can you discuss what LUTs you like to use and why? Maybe post a screen grab of what the finished film looks like? I have been using the OSIRIS LUTs for the most part. This is what my OSIRIS files look like:
  18. Just wanted to thank you guys for all the good setting above. I am by no means a professional, just a dad looking to make good videos of the family. Here is a screenshot of my latest movie, Playtime... Playtime
  19. Kid...this looks awesome! How long did ti take you to do the hack and which one did you do?
  20. Well, you can't share something that looks as nice as these and then NOT share the in-camera settings Please, Ricardo, do share your latest settings?
  21. Thanks GEOFF...been all over that thread. I'm actually more concerned with what people do once they are done shooting...no in-camera stuff. What export settings, straight from 4K to 1080p, edit 4k then export 1080p, etc... Post-shooting, what is your workflow?
  22. So, I've seen a few postings...just wanted to see if you guys can weigh in on how you are getting the best (cleanest) image out of your camera. I typically take the 4K files into EDITREADY, process them as 4K ProRes 422LT. Then, I pull them into Final Cut Pro to grade. Export out of Final Cut Pro as H.264 files, usually as 1080p. What are you guys doing?
  23. Ricardo...your films always look great. What lens?
  24. I have had the LX100 for a little while. By no means a professional. Shoots pretty decent video. In case you were wondering what a cloudy day on the beach in Florida looks like...
  25. Kid...looks nice! What lenses did you use?
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