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  1. Mattias...at the end of your video, what Nikon lens is attached to the NX1 and do you like it? I have that adapter and am looking for some Nikon lenses to put on the NX1. Thanks!
  2. I've got a hold of the Sigma 18-35mm for the next few weeks for some shooting on vacation. I will post a video once I get back. Sounds like some of the vintage lenses might take the edge off the clinical look...going to try that next.
  3. Nice work, Chant! I'm also rooting for you and it sounds like you are making good investigative progress!
  4. If you are still on the fence about these cameras, I'll add my two cents. I've only had the NX1 for a short while. Before that, it was an LX100. Since I've had the NX1, the LX100 stays home a lot. NX1 feels great to shoot with, is weather resistant and, with a faster lens...night shots are easily attainable. I'm by no means a pro...but the pictures and video I am getting out of this camera make me look like one!
  5. Thanks, Andrew! Anybody try any vintage glass with adaptors that resulted in a nice image?
  6. Hey guys. New Samsung NX1 owner / user here. Currently have NX mount Rokinon 35mm and kit lens. Looking for the best combo of lenses / adaptors of the camera. Seem to be quite a few fans of the Sigma 18-35mm with a Nikon/Canon adapter. Can any of you weigh in on which lenses you think result in the best image for this camera? Less than $1000...
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