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    I don't know if that is a correct method of determining exposure difference, but after cropping the NXL RAW in Lightroom to the same frame and turn it into BW, it takes about 0.5 stops of pushing the exposure until histograms are roughly matched.
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    giannis_ch reacted to Andrew Reid in Canon 1D X Mark II user reports and 4K crop   
    It's a possibility.
    GammaDR is barely even flat let alone LOG and when you dial things down flatter in-camera, colour goes a bit haywire. So what I did with the NX1 Guide LOG converter is find a balance between delivering maximum dynamic range from the in-camera non-flat file (there are various tricks and it is important for example not to accidentally clip the RGB range in post with the H.265 files) and maintaining the great colour the NX1 is known for.
    Then this image gets converted by my LOG LUT in post to a much flatter image which is compatible with the usual range of LUTs designed for S-LOG, Canon LOG, etc.
    Samsung don't have an advanced app like Canon for creating your own gamma curves and colour profiles. Maybe the hacker community can make one.
    But it remains such an incredibly powerful piece of hardware with a very simple user interface and great physical ergonomics. It is still cutting edge. That sensor seems to be doing a very nice readout in 120fps to get that much detail in 1080p. Oh and rolling shutter in 1080p is practically zero.
    The only weak point is that you have to avoid pushing past ISO 800. Keep it at 100-800 and it is super clean. Past that is emergencies only especially if shooting 100fps or 120fps.
    I think aside from the low light capabilities and Dual Pixel AF of the 1D X Mark II the NX1 is my slow-mo camera of choice right now. Sometimes even the video AF-C of the camera with the premium S lenses actually works pretty damn well!
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    giannis_ch reacted to vasile in Petition for Samsung NX1 hack   
    nx-patch v5.3 is out. One point of interest to videographers: killall switch added which basically returns camera to factory settings (until battery pull) EXCEPT for the already set bitrates. Pull battery to reactivate mod UI.
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