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  1. 8 hours ago, Parker said:

    Hey guys check this out! Apparently UHD 60p is now possible!!! 1D(N)x-ii in all of our pockets. 

    http://***URL removed***/forums/thread/4011837

    I really hope this is legit. I downloaded the clip and threw it into premiere just to see, and it does appear to be a true 3840x2160 file playing back at 60p. This is huge.


    Sorry not a real 60p every 10th or so frame is duplicated and also this: http://***URL removed***/forums/post/57859659

  2. 1 hour ago, vaga said:

    Don't both cameras use the same battery?

    No they don't BP1130 in NX500 and BP1900 in NX1, capacity 1130 mAh and 1860 mAh = false advertising ;-)  respectively.

    As for the mic you should read here @DPReview - Samsung ED-EM10 hot shoe mic, but they are as common as unicorns.

    6 hours ago, Kisaha said:

    OIS works with whatever lens hasOIS, notonly the S lenses.

    Yep, my bad OIS is also available with KIT lens.


    One extra point for NX500 if you don't need EVF is that the screen flips for self portraits, no joy with NX1 (they really should used GH4 style one, more freedom and built in protection).

  3. 2 hours ago, vaga said:

    are there any other differences I need to be aware of?

    No DIS in NX500, only OIS with selected lenses (S series if I'm not mistaken):


    Use the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) function to minimize camera 
    shake. OIS may not be available with some lenses.

    NX500 manual p. 99

    Also no microphone and headphone jacks.

  4. 48 minutes ago, chauncy said:

    I am on fw 1.41 and want to go back to 1.40 on nx1. I can't see to find how anywhere? Anyone know. Thank you

    On 5/20/2016 at 3:53 PM, SMGJohn said:

    You can easily revert to 1.40 and 1.11 in NX1 and NX500, just put the firmware on SD card and update as you normally would with a new update, and it will backflash them.


    Apparently not that difficult to downgrade.

  5. I would look for a demo unit on ebay, I've seen few from German MediaMarkt, Saturn outlets - retail chains (just set your delievery address to one in Germany). Most of those dosn't ship internationally but you could use a package forwarding service. But really I would strongly advice to locate one in US no import fees.

  6. 1 hour ago, chauncy said:

    right, since we're on this for what looks like a while before our dudes find a way to bitrate hack the new fw... anyone got copies of fw 1.40 for nx1 and the older version of the Samsung camera manager.. was it 1.65, the one just before the new one? I think a lot of us would like to go back a step into bitrate increase land. Everywhere seems to link to the new version now.thanks, kids-

    FW archive is here https://drive.google.com/a/cmcfirm.com/folderview?id=0Bwt0uzFgEoRkQ2ZLOUJOM295UGM&usp=sharing

  7. 48 minutes ago, vaga said:

    Is there anything else in the update?

    Short answer... No


    From NX1 and NX500 FW_Description_v1.XX.txt

    NX1 [v1.41]
    Fixed Bluetooth connection problem with Smart phone(Android Marshmallow(Android6.0 version)).

    NX500 [v1.12]
    Fixed Bluetooth connection problem with Smart phone(Android Marshmallow(Android6.0 version)).

    Also pease upload both to the cloud vault of historical FW. Sorry can't remember who was in charge of that:



    I don't see any new version of user manuals, that to me indicates that there are no new features.

  8. Would really like to see an option with a key combination to trim the last X minutes of video as a separte clip. Kind of a dashcam functionality, might even stop the recording.
    Not sure if the trim functionality is avilable at this time via scripts?
    Alternatively a datetime save to text file would allow for that in post.


    13 minutes ago, Syme said:

    Seems to me like there's a pretty good chance Samsung just used the fast dedicated 4k HEVC encoder they were already developing for their cell phones.

    I would also assume it uses dedicated chip for HEVC encoding.

    On 3/7/2016 at 3:20 AM, Chant said:

    page 3 main pcb shows the full sd slot.

    Higher resolution photos would help to identify at least some of the chips.


    12 hours ago, Marco Tecno said:

    Thanks, still looking for NX1 bottom connector.

  10. 4 minutes ago, Chant said:

    But the dream for me of having a cheap 14bit 6.5k red competitor is what keeps me going. The confirmation of the UHS-II bus sweetens the deal. Going to investigate the possibility of a SD-SATA converter.. I wouldnt mind having a 1tb ssd attached to the back of the camera.

    I agree as long as the recording limit is removed.

  11. On 2/3/2016 at 10:59 AM, CMCFirm said:

    Thanks TILT!

    I am missing v1.01 and v1.10. That completes the entire firmware history for the NX1. 

    If you are still missing those FW, you may thank archive.org:

    1.01   http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/content/FM/201411/20141110100211100/NX1_FW_v1.01.zip
    1.10   http://org.downloadcenter.samsung.com/downloadfile/ContentsFile.aspx?CDSite=US&CttFileID=5889101&CDCttType=FM&ModelType=C&ModelName=EV-NX1ZZZBQBUS&VPath=FM/201412/20141220160910675/NX1_FW_v1.10.zip

    Made a copy on my drive just in case.

    As for my wishlist I would love to see recording time limit gone.

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