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  1. I've had a similar experience! Johnnie's article on working with the a7s for broadcast during initial outbreak of the Syrian refugee crisis helped me immensely as I was working on a similar project overseas (https://***URL not allowed***/working-with-the-sony-a7s-for-broadcast-part-ii/)! He and the rest of those guys do a great job of real world reviews and practical tips with a wide range of stuff. Ironically, Andrew's initial thoughts on the a7s helped convince me to switch to Sony from Panasonic. Two different perspectives helping the same user. Imagine that! I'll be curious to see what cinema5d's perspective is of the pocket 4k from a real world working DP standpoint. I'll also be looking at this site for a brash/raw self proclaimed camera nerd's perspective of the camera. I think a lot of us have some of both in us. Has John Brawley or any other DP posted their thoughts after working with the camera? I know sample footage has come out, just curious if there are any hands on reviews out there from the initial batch of BMD selected filmmakers?
  2. I'd say that since you work in the same industry that you are colleagues, wouldn't you? My point is just that when we all respect each other and can work together (despite our personal feelings) the filmmaking community benefits. A rising tide benefits all the ships in the harbor! I'm a fan of yours who has benefited a lot from your blog so please don't take this as me being negative. I want you to succeed. It just seems like you're the only one doing the "clashing" and when you bring up Johnnie and Nino up constantly it stands out (especially when others, like myself, have had positive interactions with them). I'll back off on the topic since others want to move on. I'm looking forward to your pocket 4k review!
  3. Why does it matter if they have covered it in the past? They are well respected working DPs who could bring the pocket 4k to the pro market. Which is likely what BMD wants. I am just perplexed about why you dislike cinema5d so much. It seems personal and is becoming sort of an internet joke on other youtube channels. It makes me sad because I've benefited so much from your work. I've also benefitted from Nino and Johnnie. The biggest difference though isn't that they are "conventional pros" (That matters very little to me. I owe some of my success to your knowledge, insight, and point of view). There's a stark contrast in the level of professionalism displayed towards colleagues. You probably should have been invited to those events. I would have loved seeing your take! But bad mouthing other people who were invited won't help change that.
  4. Because pros use cameras for a living... They have the ability to tell other users (enthusiast and pro alike) how it will operate in the field on a shoot since they depend on those cameras to put food on the table.
  5. As an owner of the original a7s I have to say that it is frustrating to see sony supporting their newer cameras while the ones less than 2 years old don't get the same attention. If something can be done to reduce the overheating while recording 4k internally on the newer cameras then the same can and should done to enable internal 4k recording on the a7s. Now that we know overcoming heat issues is possible via firmware with recording 4k internally can anyone explain why sony can't do the same with the original a7s? Other than the obvious: sell more a7sii's
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