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  1. I have the exact same issue and I am using bother the Panasonic 24–70/2.8 and the 70-200/2.8 L Mount lenses and shooting video is a total crap shoot. So I decided to focus more on stills with the camera and when using high burst mode I had the exact same issue

    i reached out to Leica USA last November and have gotten a response from them


  2. Thanks Adam, that's what I was thinking also,

    What about this whole conversation about shooting in 4K/UHD and downsampling to 1080p.

    The way I understand it is you don't just take your 4k footage and drop it on a 1080P timeline.

    Can some explain the proper way to do this in Resolve the correct way?

  3. New to the site.

    I shoot all drone footage with my GH4 and just started using V-LOG

    99% of all my footage is all high contrast scenes, snow covered mountains, skiing, etc.

    So far I have had good luck with V-LOG

    My question is in regards to post in Resolve 12 Studio and this blog from a while back which I am sure everyone has read


    Since I have to shoot internal UHD, 30FPS, 4:2:0 8bit  V-LOG and final render to 1080P is it still worth transcoding my footage first as discussed in the above blog?

    I am Windows based and have to at least in Resolve 12 use the "Optimize Media" because working with native H.264 is just to slow. I have been transcoding into DNXHD 4:4:4

    I have tried to convert a few files in GoPro Studio into Cineform HD 4:2:2 and then work on these files directly in Resolve.

    I am still new to all of this and just want to make sure I am not trying to make my 4:2:0 footage any better by going through the extra step.

    Any advice on a solid workflow would be greatly appreciated.


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