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  1. Hello, Is there a list with canon EF taking lenses for anamorphic adapters like the kowa 8z, 16h, bell and howell. As I want to use a 2X kowa bell and howell on my A7S, 5d III. I already know about the following lenses: - Canon EF 85mm f1.8 (but is suffers from a lot chromatic abberation it seems) - Canon EF 100mm f2.0 (seems like a good lens, but read some reports that it is maybe a bit too long and you get a zoomy look) - ... Thanks!
  2. Maybe with the new organic sensor Panasonic is working on it might be possible?
  3. By cutting the brass tabs do you mean Saw with a metalsaw? Or how should I do such a thing? Thanks!
  4. Yeah I don't need full frame, I do want a clean image(way less noise) + clean iso up to 6400 and 10bit internal would be very nice.
  5. Hmm if the GH5 goes full frame it will not be MFT and a lot of us have thousands invested in MFT glass..
  6. Are you shooting RAW on the 5dMIII? As I am worried if I buy a 50mm and then use the bell and howell it will not work..
  7. Thanks for the info, almost bought a 50mm What EF lenses can you recommend then for full frame anamorphic? (how do you like the Canon 85mm f/1.8 USM?)
  8. Can you use a kowa bell and howell on a 50mm taking lens on a Full frame sensor? I always thought you could?
  9. Hey, Good job! I am a afraid of ruining my kowa bell and howell with this. I would like to check the sharpness mod. But how do you know it is at it sharpest point?(do you mount it onto a camera and turn it until it the most sharp on camera?) Or is there a good trick for this? Also do you need to remove the brass tabs before turning? (I did not get that part, a howto video would be awesome ) Cheers
  10. Yeah, I own a A7S and a GH4. And for the last week I am comparing the 2 camera's. Made a video, did not upload yet. Without V-log I would always choose the A7S over the GH4 because better color, DR and highlight roll off. But now with V-log. I do not know which camera I like the most. Ok a7s still has some more DR, and slightly better highlight roll off. But is also 1080p, no good slowmo options, crazy low battery life, stupid button and menu design against 4K, good slowmo and good battery and a body that is better all around. A7S II does fix some of those problems, but the pricepoint is killer.
  11. Hey, I have this http://tinypic.com/r/2ajxo51/8 kowa lens. Does anybody know what filter thread that is on the front? So I can mount a UV/ND filter on that? Thanks
  12. They have been kind enough to reply to me: We do have a clamp that's sort of an in between this clamp and the XL Clamp that would fit better. The thread mounting size is 72mm though, so you'd need step up rings. Would you like to try this clamp instead? I Would like to try one I think, or do you think it is a bad idea because there will be again more space because I need another step up ring? Do you guys use a lot of step up rings?Thanks!
  13. nah the problem lies with the vid-atlantic clamp, it only fits the threading not the back of the anamorphic lens. So there is too much space. I sent them a email. Hopefully they can fix this..
  14. OK thanks, yeah I should get rid of that double focus. I will need to buy that rangefinder. Somebody got any experience on that? Do I loose sharpness if use the rangefinder?
  15. Thanks a Lot, Will give it a try. Yeah I know, but 2.8 was even more unsharp. So I figured ill turn it down. I used the vid atlentic clamp. Could it be possible that I mounted it wrongly or something? Also how do you guys protect your lenses? As When I screw the anamorphot down, the bolts that hold the anamorphot are scratching the anamorphot. Ah I read somewhere that I should replace the bolts with nylon bolts. Will give that a try. Thanks!
  16. Hey, I have a kowa bell and howell on my nokton voigtlander 42,5mm 0.95 mounted. Fstop was 4. But my image isnt really that sharp. (link ) I expected it too be less sharp, but this is really unsharp. Did I misfocus, tried several things, like moving the focus around? Should I bump up sharpness in camera? The image was shot in low light at iso 1600 hence the noise. Any tips?? Thanks!
  17. I have seen one of these on IBC on a GH4 with V-Log, but it had some severe Chromatic aberration on it. They should work on that.
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