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  1. Andrew, I love your accent. Reminds me of some of my friends when I lived in London (a long time ago). It just makes me smile!
  2. Basil

    Fuji X-T4

    Just looking at this thread now, and I saw this little side conversation on the LX100 and LX100 II. FWIW, I actually have the XH1 and the LX100 II - they complement each other nicely. I love my XH1, it is not the best camera at anything in particular, but it is quite good at everything. I use primarily for stills - everything from street photography, bird and wildlife photography, event photography, and studio portraiture. It has it's minor flaws, but the ergonomics are wonderful - old school. I'm definitely interested in the X-H2 or X-T4 or whatever it is they call the X-H1 successor. In
  3. Hi Andrew - I totally understand, that is why I asked first. I'll look for a genuinely "cheapie" camera
  4. Andrew I have an LX100, which I was preparing to sell (since I got the LX100 II). I am looking up prices on eBay (filtering out stores) for comparison sake, and I am getting anywhere from $160 to $325. Would I be qualified to participate? Thanks -Basil
  5. I was home alone (spouse on a work trip), so I played a bit more with the camera last night and night before (my poor cats seemed annoyed with my being paparazzi). I will post a few pics and video clips tonight or tomorrow, but a few observations (subject to revisions, retractions, edits, etc...): 1. I tested out the Tamron 15-30 F2.8 wide angle lens. Yes, it is big and heavy and I didn't like using it on my A77II. It seemed much more comfortable on the A99II, which is the same size body, but is heavier. I guess that lens is better balanced on the A99II body. The AF only uses the sepa
  6. I love the picture of the dog!! (is that with the Minolta 28-105 that you posted about? The colors are really nice!) I get weak for photos of both dogs and cats. Then again, I do a LOT of pet photography, and I am looking forward to using the A99II for that. I shot a few pictures of my cats, and my parents --- I got a really nice shot of Dad with the Sony-Zeiss 50 F1.4 So the A99II has this "hybrid autofocus" which appears to combine the separate phase detect autofocus (PDAF) unit (79 AF points) from the A77II with the on sensor PDAF (399 AF points) of the A7R II. However, to le
  7. Hi Andrew I just don't understand the snark factor around here. My A99II just arrived this weekend (I got a good deal on a perfectly clean open box copy from one of my favorite retailers for $2720, complete with a full manufacturers warranty). I am upgrading from my A77II (soon to be on eBay), am I am focused on stills, for which this camera is just absolutely lovely....Here are a few first impressions: 1. It is almost the exact same size as my A77II, but has more weight to it. I really like how it balances in my hand. It strikes me that it is a larger body than the A7 series (f
  8. Andrew I am seriously pining for an A99II as well, as an upgrade to my A77II. Mostly, I want to use it for stills work, I am starting to get much more serious about portraiture and architectural photography. I have some decent A-Mount lenses now incl the Sigma 18-35 F1.8 and the Sony/Zeiss 50 F1.4 (My other camera is a Panasonic LX100, which I use for video (mostly underwater in a scuba housing), it is a perfect 2nd/travel camera). Anyways, Dan Watson did a video about using ND filters and AE Lock button on back of the A99II, to partially get around the manual exposure/autofocus limi
  9. I'm very interested in this camera, for both photo and video, but really disappointed on the video AF. Cinema 5D posted an interview with a Sony exec -- they have purposefully handicapped this camera, by not giving the A99II AF for video mode, unless it is in program mode (the earlier a-mounts have the same limitation). No AF with any manual exposure control. In the interview, the Sony exec says they may listen to customer feedback -- who knows, and change this via firmware update presumably. Who knows. It's really a disappointment, because I use AF in some of my video clips -- it is very
  10. I'm a newbie, most of my video has been underwater (my beloved LX100, in a scuba housing) I am kind of curious about the gx80/85/g7MarkII for both photo and video (I used to own an EM1, and I appreciate stabilized video). I know the gx80/gx85 doesn't have either the Cine D or Cine V profiles, nor a Log profile -- which is fine for me at this point, since my color correcting experience in video is pretty limited. But can you shoot 4K video using the L Monochrome photo profile, to play with black & white video?
  11. (at the risk of sounding dense....) Should I send you a single picture, or a few seconds of video?
  12. Hi Andrew: I'm a long-time reader, just taking baby steps after much hesitation. I have an LX100 (a travel cam, and also used underwater, in a scuba housing - it rocks at both). Would these LUTs work on my video clips from the LX100 (since it runs on the same Panasonic engine, but does not have the CineV and CineD profiles)? Regards, Basil
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