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    bamigoreng got a reaction from JazzBox in GH4 + Canon FD (and 1 scene Olympus 12-40 f/2.8) music video   
    Keep up the good work!
    No, that vid was shot by Andro over a year ago when he bought GH4. Interestingly, still prefer his old footage (60D). It has 'mojo':
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    bamigoreng got a reaction from JazzBox in GH4 + Canon FD (and 1 scene Olympus 12-40 f/2.8) music video   
    Nice. Not wanting to be nitpicky, but I miss shallower DoF + blurry backgrounds. Something like this...
    Overall, good job. Roma?
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    bamigoreng reacted to AaronChicago in V-log unlocked for free!   
    They went to all of the trouble to update through a physical key, and it's already hacked. Someone is getting fired today.
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    bamigoreng reacted to Cinegain in When is "Good Enough" Enough? The rise of mirrorless and the jump to 4K.   
    'I wish I could just stop using the forum but I know I'll get drawn back in' ~ you 9 months ago. I guess you're reborn?
    Do you feel differently about the 'I think 70% of the users here are fucking stupid'? Or is that the reason you're plugging this site aimed at filmmaking begginers (and you want to be kept on as a paid writer and need to gather some readers)?
    You did say 'I'm not going to change my tune'. But hey, time changes people and I guess everyone deserves a 2nd chance.
    OT: Yeah, there are many different set-ups one could opt for that are better than a T5i with H4n. The one you suggested could work for someone. Depends on what they need.
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    bamigoreng reacted to Volker Schmidt in I like my Panasonic but I regret selling my Canon..   
    The 5dII with ML RAW and VAF-5D2 Anti-Aliassing-Filter is a very cinematic and very cheap option with Full-frame look.
    It´s solid like an old cine-camera.
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    bamigoreng reacted to kaylee in I like my Panasonic but I regret selling my Canon..   
    i did the exact same thing when the g6 came out. same experience, same reaction...
    i told myself that i was just brainwashed by canon raw color because im so used to it....
    thats nonsense. this is the color i want https://vimeo.com/groups/magiclanterncanon5diii who can beat that?
    if you click thru the thumbnails of the videos in that group without even watching them you can STILL tell that the color is amazing~!
    i expect canon to eventually release a 5d4c type of "video centric" slr, and it wont be cheap ($4-$5k?), and ill buy it. ill just pull out my credit card. ive stopped fighting it
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    bamigoreng reacted to AaronChicago in Return 12-35 varo x for sigma 18-35?   
    I think if you're doing mostly handheld work to stick with the 12-35. If you use a tripod most of the time and/or a shoulder rig then the Sigma will be a good choice, although you won't be able to go as wide on the GH4 with 18mm, even with a speedbooster.
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    bamigoreng got a reaction from JazzBox in ND Filters tips   
    Btw, Marumi DHG ND filter works for me:  http://blog.danfrei.com/2011/07/12/marumi-nd8-filter-review/
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    bamigoreng got a reaction from sunyata in "Untraditional" focal lengths with intention   
    Nice! Canon 7D sensor size - 22.3 x 14.9mm. Nikon D3100 - 23.1 x 15.4mm. 
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    bamigoreng reacted to DBounce in Did Samsung just kill the A7rii?   
    I'm certain it isn't worth three times as much. And with the overheating, I'm not convinced it's worth as much as the NX1... Certainly not if you're using it primarily for video.
    Imo, the NX1 is punching way above its weight. While I was honestly hoping the A7rii would be an all around champ, the overheating issue appears real, and while it can be mitigated it cannot be fixed (an external recorder defeats the point of this camera). 
    The main flaw of the NX1 H.265, is not really a flaw... It future proofs the NX1. 
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    bamigoreng reacted to maxotics in Why A7Rii is a nogo for landscape   
    Very intresting wolf33d.  My two cents is I would not trust a camera with a movable sensor for landscape photography.  There are heat dissipation issues and the slightest software/hardware glitch and the sensor become unaligned to the lens and you get blur.  Many photographs ALREADY go crazy with micro-focus issues with fixed lenses and sensors.   For centuries, it has been true in photography, and all machines, if it CAN go wrong, eventually it will.  This is ALL theoretical but in my "real world" I need to have the most confidence that the least amount of stuff will go wrong.  That's subjective, sure.  I pick up a Nikon and I get this sensation from the camera "I will always turn on.  I will always get you a shot quickly and competently."
    The question is very simple and should be respected.  Are the trade-offs Sony made to get in-camera stabilization worth the risks one takes in long-exposure photography.  Unless one works in landscape photography opinions should be circumspect?  
    Bottom line, thank you for having the guts to post your opinions in a "4K is the be-all and end-all of all things camera"  Forum.  I say that with Love for EOSHD
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    bamigoreng reacted to fuzzynormal in Why buy?   
    Actually, I always argue with box office, record sales, home improvement design, etc.  Creating materials and content for the largest collection of market requires a certain mundanity that allows for that broad appeal.
    It's why comedy slapstick will never go away.  A 5 year old and a 95 year old can relate to it; Rich man or poor man.  It's not anything great, just silly.  Which is fine, but nothing that necessarily needs to be exalted and appreciated on a particularly impressive level.  On the other hand, you can't hand Faulkner to a 12 year old and expect him to have any profound self-reflection after reading through it.  You can't get most people to do that.  It's just beyond their grasp.  Thus, less accessible.  
    Which book is more impressive and which has broader appeal:  http://tinyurl.com/ogmx44b or http://tinyurl.com/nc4n33d
    Same concept goes for the cheap door you'd buy at a Home Depot or that new Taylor Swift album.
    So, no, I don't readily agree that financial success is in any way a marker of creative success.  Not in this society.  The complete opposite.    
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    bamigoreng got a reaction from Nikkor in "Untraditional" focal lengths with intention   
    'Famous' 28mm (Super 35 film format) is around 39mm (35mm or FF equivalent FoV - appr. 1.4 crop factor). Films are shot in a Super 35 format (24.89mm x 18.66mm) and then converted, e.g.: Academy 35 film (21.95mm x 16mm). Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_35
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