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  1. I used fcpx I used fcpx color board for shot matching and the plugin color finale for out and final overal tweaks
  2. The NX500 was 4k 24fps custom profile with contrast - 6, saturation - 1, and sharpness -7 the NX1 was the GammaDR with sharpening turned off. We used auto white all day. It was a very run and gun tiny crew kinda shoot... so we simplified as much as possible.
  3. The songs name is memories the birds eye shots were the 4K GoPro. Not the most ideal to color, at least for me ( I'm no colorist). The budget was limited so I had to color myself. The cameras were mostly a breeze to work with. Their screens are darker than your actual recorded image so you really need to pay attention to histogram when shooting. It's a bit of a pain hooking up converter boxes to get the image to client monitor, but that's me being a bit spoiled and nit picky. Post was pretty simple... Converted everything to prores422. The images were fairly gradeable but for sure fall apart faster than red or arri. Overall though these little cameras are a hell of a bang for your buck
  4. the camera is fine and can match the nx1 quite well in a color grade https://vimeo.com/brainstem/review/136679800/daa914d0aa
  5. A video we just completed with NX1/NX500 for a label this week https://vimeo.com/brainstem/review/136679800/daa914d0aa
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