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  1. A fully functional speed booster for L mount lenses. Could Panasonic do this trick? And a constant f4 10x motorised video zoom lens with a dedicated zoom lever that couples with a smooth digital zoom to get 15x magnification. Plus an XLR adapter which integrates so nicely on the hot shoe without external cables as the one from SONY does. Global shutter sensor feeling. I want to do whip pans. A swivel viewfinder. I’m too tall for fixed DSLR finders but I like to stabilise the camera with this additional point.
  2. With IBIS this camera for me is back in the race. Would love to shoot with it in the dark, handheld or at most with a monopod, focus ring in one hand, the camera in the other: High tech minimalism.
  3. Let's be realistic. Panasonic will never ever produce a full frame camera nor a hybrid super 35 camera. It's hard enough for them to establish their micro4/3 format. But they could bring a multi aspect sensor, that in 4k aspect ratio could come as close as the factor 1,8 to a full frame sensor (The Canon APSC format has the factor 1,7). Add the new, specially for the GH4 designed speedbooster to that and you enter full frame territory anyway.
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