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  1. So buy those competing cameras. Canon clearly has no interest in hybrid cameras. They make very good stills cameras and they make very good video cameras. They have decided to create specific products for those mediums and feel that serious video shooters are better served by their Cinema line. Time to move on. Panasonic and Sony have hybrid shooters covered.
  2. Well in LA, you still get hassled for trying to shoot with a DSLR if you have no permits. Plus once you rig the camera out with a wireless follow focus, matte box, and all the other accessories needed to do a proper video shoot, the camera hardly looks like a DSLR anymore. I've never seen a DSLR or mirrorless video shoot that was under the radar enough to not draw attention from the authorities. I never said you can't create good shots with a mirrorless camera. I've done it. I'm simply saying that people need to stop throwing a fit whenever a camera that is clearly designed for photography, doesn't have the video specs they are looking for. Its a stills camera with video thrown in. The video mode will always be somewhat bricked. No one complains when video cameras suck at taking stills. Hell most of them can't take stills at all. Yes, I'm advocating buying the right tool for the job. Yes, that costs a lot of money sometimes. If you are a serious video shooter, you need to buy a camera with that in mind. If you are a video hobbyist, then a GH5 and an A7SII should be more than sufficient.
  3. You will always get compromised image quality and ergonomics from a jack of all trades, master of none camera. I wouldn't shoot a movie on a mirrorless camera and I certainly would shoot wedding photos on an Arri Alexa. I used to get upset about the poor quality of video implementation for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras before I realized that you can only get so much quality out of a tiny body with no active cooling. When I first got my C200, I did a side by side with my buddies A7SII and it was night and day how much higher quality the C200 RAW footage was in terms of detail, dynamic range, and post grading robustness. The mirrorless form factor simply can't accommodate the hardware required to get a commercial and cinema-grade image. Furthermore, the sensor in a hybrid needs to balance stills and video performance which always negatively affects the video quality.
  4. Why are people so pissed off about this camera? This is a photography camera. Its designed to take stills. Video is and should be an afterthought. Why are people using mirrorless cameras for video work? The form factor sucks. It's like using a Porsche to haul stuff from Home Depot. It sorta works but its way more trouble than its worth. I still can't wrap my head around it. I used to shoot on a DSLR before moving on to a C200. I can't imagine going back to a mirrorless for video work.
  5. I think I read somewhere that the best workflow is actually using Rockymountain to go from H.265 to H.264 and then from H.264 to ProRes HQ. This eliminates banding and helps cut back on macro blocking. Can someone confirm that this is the case? Its discussed in the comment section here: https://vimeo.com/126498725
  6. Anyone test this yet? DP review says the HDMI out is 8 bit 4:2:2. I saw some early tests but I guess it wasn't working well, something about being limited to 30p or something like that. Have these issues been sorted out with latest firmware updates. Atomos has a set up guide on their vimeo page but no footage so far. I wonder if using an external recorder could help with low light macro blocking and noise. I'm still surprised there hasn't been more tests of the NX1 HDMI out.
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