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  1. basically sony allowed engineers to determine the MP specification, canon let the marketing team decide on it. go it.. no wonder the sony sensor runs circles around canon's. But question, what does it take to make good 4K video using the full frame area? What does sony need to work out the resolution to? 8K oversample down to 4K? It may be beyond what they can do today but I'm thinking sony will beat canon to this. no doubt.
  2. I hate to say it but who cares about canon? no really. who cares. They are just a company that makes tools, not a religion. This aspiring cinematographer you speak of doesn't hold a soul contract on canon, neither does shooting canon mean anything is going to improve for them all else being the same. If canon can't keep up, that is nothing to cry over it. If canon does not want to keep up, that is also nothing to cry over. Let canon be canon. They are no longer the king of imaging, and haven't for some time, and arguably they have never been a force in the high end video market either. These are just tools. use whatever works and just be glad you have choices. stop the brand fanboysm. it is childish.
  3. ​don't dump the lens system. adapt it and join the party while sony builds the best full frame system designed from the ground up to be versatile in mirrorless bodies without nikon/canon clunky adapters. I doubt sony is going for the niche telephoto market anyway. Seems they are going for the hybrid video/photo shooter and the photographer that just has a standard set of lenses for wedding, landscape, pj, portrait, studio where a 600 f/4 is worthless anyway. However I do think it is only a matter of time before sony ships an ergonomically friendly mirrorless camera that smokes the 5DMK 3/4, 1DXMK 1/2 and D4/5, D810/820 AF and FPS wise and it is cheaper just because they don't have to deal with mechanics of a mirror flying at near sonic speeds reliably. If they just build lenses for the wedding and landscape crowd, then that is a LOT of gear they can move even if the NFL photog doesn't care because his niche lens set isn't there. In particular they can sell on features the competition will struggle: LV, video, portability, silent operation, performance (fps). Yes nikon and canon can counter with "hey, we got more lenses you weren't going to buy anyway, and an overpriced flash system even less of you learn to master". But sony bets the crowd that will have their needs fulfilled is greater than the one that won't. Anyway, that is their calculus.
  4. ​while no doubt sony and Zeiss will deliver the basic 50 and 85 fast primes down the road as well as other basics with just as much quality as anybody, the market is open to anybody at this point to figure out they need to make a larger mirorrless camera to balance lenses like a 24-70 and a 70-200. I'm surprised some of the old school companies like canon or nikon haven't figured this out. However both are locked into film and mirror era lens systems constrained by the PD technology that relies on the distances and geometries of traditional DSLRs. This means sony actually has more future proof modern glass than any "L" or "Nikkor" system which are basically legacy gear no matter how new the lens is. Yes, that means that 11-24 you bough is already obsolete for mirrorless.How much is an adapter going to fix the issue remains to be seen. I saw Thom Hogan addressing adapters for the Nikon system (same thing applies to canon). PD= phase detect AF. This is Thom Hogan on the subject That may be the key for sony down the road: they are the only manufacturer with a modern lens lineup getting built today and that will deliver the best results. If canon and nikon don't wake up and realize their lens lineup is already obsolete, by the time they do, sony will out-glass them by miles. Keep in mind that camera may still AF with mirror era lenses, but will it be just as fast and accurate with an adapter? Will it work with all 399 PD points across the entire area ? what trade offs will take place. We'll see. If the AF is inaccurate or only works with a subset of points or it is slower, Nikon and Canon will have a mighty tough time convincing people to stay with their legacy glass as sony cranks up optics for the modern age.
  5. So basically this may be the D820 sensor or a modified version as they did for the 36.6 version which means the upcoming high res shooter from nikon will FINALLY join the 4K times if nikon doesn't crippled it on purpose. On the still sides the A7R didn't offer true uncompressed RAW files like the nikon D8XX does. This meant that although it was technically capable of similar quality, many reviewers picked apart sony's imaging pipeline and showed a noticeable advantage to shooting uncompressed raws with the D8XXX models. If sony did not add true uncompressed raw to the A7RII, I suspect the sensor will only shine on a D820 with Nikon's more quality oriented data pipeline, or in a future alpha body from sony. On the high resolution game however, I'm still expecting the next leap to 70+. Both this camera and the 5DS only offer modest gains at best. Clearly sony has demonstrated they own the market in sensor technology so if anybody can, it is them.
  6. I have no doubt sony will push the limits of the MP race again. After all, sony already ships 1 inch sensors with 20+MPs which would scale up to ridiculous resolutions and they have the fabs and capacity to mass produce it. Ridiculous is what sony does best: blowing the competition to pieces using their sheer tech muscle, in this case, as they did when they pushed the 36MP sensor years ahead of anybody even daring and how their video line went from zero to awesome in no time at all. The question is are they going to chicken out and stop at a mere 59MP, which is quite lame since there is little difference between 36 and 50's MP, at least not enough to bother unless you're buying a new camera anyway. Because you're dealing with a two dimensional plane, you need way, way more MPs to really make a difference in the pixel density. IMO, I think sony could easily, push 70+ MP and I think that is what they should aim for. What's the point of merely matching canon with its ~50MP. Yes, the 5Ds blows in terms of video specks lacking even basic 1080p60, blows in terms of DR with its rebel-inspired sensor, and blows in terms of image quality having kept the D800 times cancelled AA-filter approach over going AA-less. But if all sony does is beat the 5Ds sensor to a pulp in quality, while retaining the same minimal resolution gains, what's the point? Regardless of it being fake, it is a given sony will be pushing the boundaries of resolution. high 40s and 50s is basically a no brainer. They will do it. But this would be a huge disappointment because unless you were a loyal canon shooter, you've had 36MP for ages and 50MP from where you were isn't going to excite you as much as it does the canon user who has been stuck stuck in the 20s for a decade with nowhere to go to. Sony's customers expect more than that. I hope they deliver an exciting jump because if even canon can put out a 50MP Full frame sensor, sony can easily do better than that then. I was expecting to see their big MP body by now. Surely they probably had several protypes with several resolutions, so I'm hoping this delay means that they are going to blow our minds now that they know exactly where canon parked itself for the next 4 years.
  7. I have a 4K panel (not this one) running under an MS surface pro 3 or sometimes a heavy duty desktop PC for when I need more ram (surface pro 3 only has 8GB). I would consider this but is one big issue: Unless it supports the new versions of DP (1.3) or HDMI (2.0) which has support for 60HZ this will be a non starter for me. windows can easily drive these at 60hz, it has done so for a very long time, but like all similar panels that predate the new HDMI and DP rev up specs, they use DP 1.2 MST to merge two panels of half the res in the monitor. This works, yes, but some apps get funky about it, and gaming isn't really suite for it. As a side note 4K works pretty good under windows if you let it scale apps (not leave it up to the apps). Pick the setting that works for you. However 10 goes up to 8K while still supporting the two modes (app scaling vs OS scaling). For me it doesn't even matter as the windows ecosystem is not an area I can compromise on, so it doesn't really matter if there are some quirks with some apps (I'd argue the author's rebooting problem to fix a resolution is far more of kill). Ultimately I know not all apps will support these resolutions and need to rely in OS scaling, which IMO is a poor man's replacement for app scaling, and not really desirable to being with as the bitmap/pixel based assets look really poor and OSX, or any OS for this matter cannot fix this. It is not possible. That requires the app author to ship new UDH/4K friendly assets. Since OSX has a much smaller app ecosystem, that may happen quicker, still I'm always pleased when I see another windows app support UHD resolutions. They will get there, at least all the apps I use which for now I'd say about half are UHD ready. I'm still curious if this screen can get a firmware update to DP1.3/HDMI 2.0. If surface pro 4 supports Dp1.3 out of the box (and 16GB of ram) then my next monitor needs to go 60hz native. No DP MST 1.2 tricks. No 50hz BS.
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