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  1. Hello people, i can really use your help. I just uploaded a video on youtube and in looks very different before the upload on my pc and after on YT. The video was shot with a Lumix G7 on cine D and i used Krolls lut and some tweeking in lumetri + a little bit of a luma curve to grade it. Then exported as h264 in custom setting (changed datarate etc) the thing is my PC shows the same image across WMP, VLC and Quicktime. Just the youtube version is off (the one above in the picture...) any idea whats causing that? EDIT: Actually i found out what the problem was. The washed out colours were when i had hardware acceleration off on Chrome! when i enabled it again, the colours were ok!
  2. Can you tell how much time it takes at average to transcode like a 4k 24p 20 minute file from the NX1 to something usable in an NLE? With an above average PC
  3. Really nice video and idea good job! I also wanna know more on how you got those first scenes to look like that and also, you are using some pretty well known symbols of famous video games. Arent you worried about having issues from their companies? Or is it on a level where you say that they ll never know or care that this exists? Btw it reminded me the general approach to videos Red Fang have
  4. Is there a video or article.somewhere talking about the autofocus in video mode, not stills? I have a hope its gonna be as good as a6000 at least
  5. Oh man, i am enjoying all this new tech and models coming out almost each month but its making me thought process on my next upgrade a mess lol. I ve been using a canon 600d with a canon 35mm f2 is usm as my main rig but i seriously need to upgrade now. My. Main wants are 1. Sharper as the 600d has serious sharpness issues 2. Better dynamic range 3. Better iso especially up to 1600 If its possible usable caf for moving shots etc. I was between the nx1 with the 30 and the gh4 used with an adaptor and my canon 35 but this seems at least as good, better price with more extra and from what i read it covers my 1-4. Thought getting a fixed lens camera kinda bugs me thought its probably just my issue. How does it compare to the other 2 in image quality? I m mainly Making things like these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5s67RuipH7E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9_-LYsJ5bY
  6. I liked the colours and the song but the camera moovement was not smooth enough i think, it jerked a bit here and there, sometimes it messed with the horizon line or the water surface line and it was kinda distracting. I think even on a tripod it would have been better. Did you want it to have this kind of movement?
  7. hello people, i m thinking of buying my first video lights and since i m on a tight budget i need your help! i already own this led video light but of course its not enough. what i want is obviously something more powerfull to use it like this: A) Light our office properly where we do interviews etc, this is the usuall setup on the first pic attached. B ) light our blue screen videos properly. C) Use it for portrait or people photography like the second attached pic. I found a good deal on these Tugsten lights but the fact that they are 3200k makes me think if they could work in the first 2 cases since in our office though not direct there is almost always daylight coming in. i d have to wait late in the afternoon to have no outside light and thats not possible most of the times. Also, i have heard some advice to stay away from tugsten light for some reason. Then there is this http://www.katerelos.gr/product/26919/walimex-daylight-250-with-octagon-softbox-55cm.html , which is 5400K but i get the feeling is not nearly as powerfull as the tugsten lights (it says incl. 1 environment-friendly 50W lamp instead of conventional 1x250) and maybe is as powerfull as my led video light... Any ideas? i would go for the tugsten lights if they didnt mess with picture when there is a bit of daylight too...
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