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  1. I do need a safe place, and you've hurt my feelings. So are you going to continue to bully or will you delete me account?
  2. They already have them.... Here's England imposing a similar ban. http://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/uk-us-flight-ban-laptops-electronic-devices-donald-trump-muslim-middle-east-latest-a7641796.html Look it's not about safe space. I'm just tired of it. You see it absolutely everywhere. Is it even possible to delete your own account by the way?
  3. I actually didn't read the thread at all. It is even possible to delete your own account?
  4. It's a shame Andrew Reid feels like he needs to turn this forum into his personal political rant. I hope he understand stands it's a huge turn off for some people. So I'd like my account deleted. Thanks
  5. The original Red One MX's are cheap, kits for the 3k to 5k range but Epic MX's are still out of the 3k range.
  6. How much does a used Epic MX sell for though? Still around 10k? Some day I'd like to try one out.
  7. What about a sony f3 with external recorder? I've been experimenting with mine a lot lately and the image is really nice, great color and dynamic range. The 10bit pro res files are very easy to work with. It also has good audio and internal ND filters.
  8. Opps Looks like the dvxuser thread was already posted. Sorry about that.
  9. I'm using the "slog to cineon" from MacGregor, found here http://www.hingsberg.com/index.php/2014/05/sony-f3-resurrected-luts/ then apply the arri Alexa cLog to Rec709 lut in DaVinci Resolve with good results. I'm not very experience with color grading but for me it's producing pleasing results. Here's a quick upload of some random f3 footage that I applied the lut's too. I think I could have easily upped the contrast and saturation, but I was more interested in how it looked on my TV instead of the computer which seems to be much lower contrast.
  10. I have a quick question about the nikon ED AF 80-200 2.8 push/pull lens. I'm looking for a good zoom in this range and can either get the push/pull a very cheap price or the 80-200 2.8d version at nearly three times the cost. So just wondering if anyone have any experience with the push/pull vs the D version. Is the extra money worth it? I'll be using the lens on a sony F3. Thanks
  11. @gatopardo Nope, sony f3. I gotta say I love everything but the bulk of the camera. The image even with just the internal recording is so far ahead of anything i've used before. I really liked the xc10 but the quality just drops off a cliff after iso 800, which with the slow lens happens in all but direct sunlight. I think canon tried to over sell the specs and cover up the ghosting which they fixed with a new version of the camera. Thats the reason I'll never buy anything new from canon again. I hope they are reading this thread.
  12. Amook

    XC10 user advice

    Doesn't look like the xc10 to me. You can get shallow depth of field at th very long end but if you notice a lot of the shots the people are much closer to the camera. Also the shot where you see the camera it looks much smaller. The xc10 would also be ghosting in a situation like this.
  13. I can see why you would say the d750, the softness makes me think the same. Here's a couple more that help show off the sharpness better. The original baby shot was an old nikkor 50mm 1.4 wide open which is pretty soft. Here's a couple more, it's an older camera.
  14. I have to say I'm very happy I decided to dump the xc10. I simply could not achieve anything like this.
  15. I sold mine as I couldn't get over the ghosting problems. I don't think I'll buy a canon for a while. Customer service was pretty bad.
  16. I can't believe no one wants this camera, it's a great little camera. The ghosting is really a non issue for about 95% of the shooting I do.
  17. Last price drop for this, will take $1,150 shipped.
  18. Looking to trade for a nikon d750.
  19. Replied via pm, but willing to ship international.
  20. Selling a canon XC10. Camera does ghost at high iso's but if used in the lower ISO range the camera is great. Includes loupe, 3x batteries, charger, 64gig SD, 128gig Cfast card. Asking $1,250 which includes shipping. Open to trades for nikon mount lenses or a d750.
  21. So I'm noticing that if I shoot at 60p the ghosting is greatly reduced at higher iso's. Anyone else notice this? Never mind, more testing, it's still there....
  22. I have to say this thread and Ed Davids other thread are ruining eoshd for me. This was my safe space from the political talk. He's now brought his hate and bias into this forum. I'm out....
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