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  1. We are shooting with two gh4s.. one is a A cam that has a 4k recorder and the other is internal. The color is better and the footage looks better on the recorder but I never thought weather or not that has to do with 10 bit vs internal compression. I am thinking of getting a ninja star and running 1080p to it with downscaled 4k footage as the b cam. We only use pro res LT tho because of the file sizes get crazy with two cameras.
  2. Jason Rae

    GH4 V-Log $99

    @myJTP I would not wait on Canon for anything Those guys are not really addressing the 4k market at all and I bet its still a while before any 4k dslr at all. They will not put in a dslr before the C100 mark II and that is not even a year old yet. I think get a gh4 is a huge vaule for what it offers and then add vlog to that... damn this is monster of a camera for under 1500 bucks with vlog or get one used and its even cheaper.
  3. Does anyone know what the image quality of this camera vs the Gh4 ? I have a gh4 but I love shooting with LOG and the Slog 2 is not that hard for us to grade for what we are shooting. We shoot in bright sunlight most of the time so it really helps out having a Log file. I would not get the camera tho if its a step down of IQ from the Gh4.
  4. Maybe saying the color sucks and more like I am personally having trouble using profiles to get a nice flat image without looking like a orange umpa lumpa... I am a newbie and would love to know if anyone has a profile that gives us a flat profile with better skin tones than cine D that we can apply luts too and not crush the image. This might be a 8 bit thing and not so much profile again I am not a expert by any means. I do not like the supertone profile because we shoot mainly outside in bright light and that is no where near a flat gradable image. Also... there is no doubt Panasonic has totally messed up the release of this! if your not going to release it to the GH4 there are going to be lot of made customers. Quit being slow, just come out give us a date and be done with it or tell us its not coming to the GH4 so we can move on. But yet nothing from there end but leaked images and downloadable files from Nick Driftwood! If they don't release until October when the other expensive camera comes out ( i forgot the name) then yes thats protecting their higher end line. Nothing wrong with that I guess but its the truth. But all of this is going to be silly if they release it only with the GH5, which I would still buy
  5. I think that October is way too LATE!!! Color science on the gh4 sucks and I think alot of people are going move into the sony platform because it seems that they are not holding back anything from their cameras. Even the pocket size camera is getting 4k and slog. I hope Panasonic does not pull a Canon on us and start holding back to protect their higher cameras.
  6. Do you think the IQ will be way over what the gh4 produces now? I know the NX1 has the edge on the gh4 so I wonder if the new Sony will beat both of them? Guess we will wait and see when more tests come out.
  7. So one canon executive needs to be rushed to the hospital because he woke up and realized that we the consumer want 4K. He was not upset of the competitions progress he was just mad we thought of it before he did. The other Canon Executive says its ok we have the c300 mark II then shits his pants and realizes that we don't want to pay over 10k for 4K. The other Canon executive didn't even wake up because he does not keep up with the market news at all nor competition the and believes that 1080p will carry Canon into 2015 and consumers are dumb and don't know what they want but should be told what they need to be shooting with. Ok thats just the way I see Canon reacting to this news....lol
  8. ​Wait... and I am a newbie here so be nice.. If I shoot in 4k on the Nx1 and put it in the NLE with FCP X will the moire get worse!!! I am going to be really upset I thought downscaling it got rid of it but I am sure my math is wrong or something. I just dont really ever see on my Gh4.
  9. I have to say... I own two C100s and anything less than 4k was a disappointment to me. They should at least let us record 4k to external monitor. I am no pro, but alot of people are fighting 4k likes its a bad thing, if you can acquire in 4k why wouldn't you so three years from now your footage does not look like mush. I wonder what the NX1 vs the C100 mark II would look like. If that camera could keep up with the C100 image quality.
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