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  1. I asked this on Adobe forums and was pretty much told it was a stupid idea and just to stick with a properly calibrated monitor. I will probably still get one and hook it up to my computer just to check before exporting, as the TVs seem to all have different looks. So it may just stop me over grading, which I am certainly guilty of in the past.

    I work online a lot and my main monitor is not calibrated properly to protect my eyes, I have it dimmed. It gives another perspective to my calibrated monitor, of what other people may be seeing. So my thinking is may as well add a popular TV into the mix too.

  2. I guess now that HDR has been announced as the next standard, but we don't know the exact specs yet, that will affect some people's decision with the GH5. If it ticks the HDR boxes I will buy it without a moments hesitation because I believe in Panasonic as a brand now.

  3. 10 hours ago, Policar said:

    The specs I'm hearing are 15 stops DR, rec2020. For acquisition. Then 10 bit 4000 nit wide gamut for the panel itself. Obviously not many current systems meet these specs and there are many, many competing standards. After all, 1024X720 was once "HD."

    The result is breathtaking, though. Especially on the 10,000+ nit display. Only one other tech demo impressed me as much this year and it felt less mature. What's cool is you'll be able to see colors you've never seen before.


    Thanks for responding. Those specs are really scary.

  4. Sorry but I am too busy to read it all.

    Please could someone just list the basic specs please? A few bullet points would be really appreciated.

    I assume Panasonic G7 won't be good enough, but do you think the GH5 will have what it takes internally?


    Ps. To those complaining, at least they are not going to 8k which I assume would be a much bigger task. Maybe with HDR and then Dolby Vision we will be set for 10 years?

  5. Interesting topic, thanks for the links explaining it. One links to this which may also be helpful https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/7126552

    I was set on getting the GH5 but if HDR takes off and it doesn't tick all the boxes we may have an issue. There is also Dolby Vision which I think means 12 bit (and other things). I don't think 8k will come to the mass market, instead smaller tweaks/improvements are more likely like HDR. This is possibly because it is taking so long for 4k to take hold.  

    If it is going to be the next big thing hope we see more talk about it here.

    Has anyone heard anything about when Youtube will accept H.265 uploads?

  6. My Premiere Pro on Windows laptop has started working again. Works fine with GH4 UHD files. Instant updates when using Lumetri for grading. Export times are fast enough, even for H265 export. Could be faster but it is acceptable. Might not risk going back to Mac as they seem to handle things differently. Might just get a good monitor instead.

  7. 13 hours ago, fuzzynormal said:

    Simple is better, until it isn't.  I'd suggest trying the proxy work flow a few times and compare.  Those 2 or 3 second delays when dealing with h.264 footage tend to add up over the course of a longer edit.

    Why exactly are you wanting to export h.265?

    I don't have longer edits so those 2-3 second delays dont matter. I make different videos to you- they are simple videos not films. I use H.265 because more TVs can play it, the files are less than half the size to download (saves lots of money) and it will be a big deal for streaming. My home wifi couldnt stream an 8GB movie so I had to plug in a hard drive to the TV, it can stream smaller files. 

  8. Thanks for the proxy info, I will look into that. But I MUST export H.265 files and H.264 files in an MP4 wrapper at SPECIFIC bitrates. So FCPX is not a possibility. I have exported plenty of H.265 already. I have very simple timelines (just one clip to grade) and am not using PP more than once a week, so slow performance is cool. I have PP templates to use too, so want to stay with that. Hopefully the new Macs at the end of this month will be a nice step up in speed. My mediocre Windows laptop is good enough for editing, so I just want the best bang for my buck with an iMac screen as they are so much nicer to use.

    My experiece is that more new 4K SMART TVs play H.265 than H.264 (they generally play both but some manufacturers like Vizio seem to of skipped H.264). I dont know why computers can't play them, but they generally have trouble with H.264 in 4k too in my experience. The H.265 files are far smaller which is why I assume the TVs want to play them- in readiness for streaming smaller files. I think H.265 will be the norm next year and am hoping that cameras start filming in it too, starting with the GH5.

  9. I didnt realise they are about to bring out new ones, thought that was just Macbook Pros.

    Maybe I will give Final Cut another try then on my old MBA. I remember it having inflexible export settings when i last had an iMac a few years ago, but I will have another look. Edit: Jesus, just learned this doesn't even export H.265 yet. And I need to be able to choose the export bitrate. This jamoke software lets you choose things like "Best" instead of a specific value. Looks like you have to use a separate software just for that (Compressor). Sticking with the devil I know PP: drag and drop, edit color, then export. Slow but it works. Looks like 28th October is when new iMacs might be announced.

    Thanks guys, might of just saved me £2049 plus whatever the extra 16GB RAM would of cost. After doing lots of Youtubing and Googling I decided it was essential to get the 4.2 Ghz i7 option with 2TB Fusion drive (has 128gb SSD, 1TB only has 24GB SSD) and M395 2GB GPU.

  10. Naaaa, I like the simplicity of sticking with camera files, but it's nice to know the option is there for proxies. I just export single 20 minute scenes, so a single frame preview is all that is needed. Plus I want that new 5K screen after using a cheap monitor for 2 years and an average laptop.

    Strangely noticed on my Windows machine using 8-10 settings in Lumertri on PP CC made the preview render take quite a while last night, whereas the built in LUTs were near instant. Can't use the usual preview window at moment (video only visible at export stage), maybe because subscription expired. So getting some LUT packs might be a big help? I have been going for less flat in-camera settings recently too, so new stuff may just need contrast and saturation tweaking.

    Just been to look and torn between the one in 1st post (£1600) and upgrading to i7 and the next step up graphics card (M395 with 2GB) for £500 extra.


  11. Finally settling down for a while so jumping on the chance to get another iMac. I have seen this one almost half the price of the top spec one and it looks good enough to me on paper. Anyone have any real world experience with the same or similar specced iMac? Is it enough for 4K editing; pretty basic timelines exporting as HD H.264 at 9 bitrate, 4K at 25 bitrate, and 4K H.265 at 13 bitrate: on MP4. Will be just using footage in UHD from G7 and GH4 recorded at 100Mbps (but likely to get the GH5 next year). I currently have a standard 1TB hard drive, i7 2.7GHZ, 2GB 960M graphics card, 16GB RAM (Windows 10), so I appreciate rendering will be slow- just wondering if any specific tweaks will make a big difference like either better GPU or SSD or i7 for example?

    • 3.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 processor
    • Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz
    • 8GB (two 4GB) memory, configurable up to 32GB (I will add an extra 16GB myself)
    • 1TB Fusion Drive1
    • AMD Radeon R9 M390 with 2GB video memory
    • Retina 5K 5120x2880 P3 display

    Thanks. So excited to get back on the iMac train with a 5K 27" screen :grin:

  12. People hoping for no overheating (yet again) are going to be disappointed. The Sony cameras with this design always overheat, even when they were just doing 1080p. It is the Sony A99 II and new lenses or stick with the GH5 if overheating is a concern.

  13. Support confirmed with me that they do not support my codec in UHD just after 12 was released (H.264 MP4 and now I also do H.265 I am sure they wont allow that).  A friend uses a Sony A7s and uses free Resolve for grading, but still has to use Premiere Pro to export to h.264/5 mp4 (so ProRes is probably cool). This is for the free version of Resolve, I am sure the paid version will do it. 

  14. 1 hour ago, Antonis said:

    Super annoying!
    But it seams that I found a fix:
    You just need to open Terminal and paste the following line: defaults -currentHost write com.apple.ImageCapture disableHotPlug -bool YES

    To reverse it back to normal just paste: defaults -currentHost write com.apple.ImageCapture disableHotPlug -bool NO

    Source: http://petapixel.com/2015/12/21/stop-apple-photos-from-auto-launching-in-os-x-with-one-command/

    Doesnt work for me. Still opens the app.

  15. 1 hour ago, Philip Lipetz said:

    Only HD is at 200 Mbps, 4k is only 100 Mbps

    Thats a shame. All these fragmented reports about specs means half of them end up not being what we thought. The g80 was getting 422 earlier, now it is same old 420, plus everyone thought the GH5 was getting 6K, but it turns out that is just a photo mode (I think- not been keeping up with that one).

    Nice to hear the RX10ii is working well for someone. I really wanted to love that camera and buy it, but hate the ergonomcs and the reviews don't compare to a GH4 or G7 for my type of video.

  16. 6 hours ago, resso said:

    They did not reveal the codec, H.265 perhaps or is it too soon?

    Hopefully their silence on this means they are at least considering it. Wouldnt need 200Mbps then and wouldn't need to swap SD cards so often.

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