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  1. Stated operating temperatures: 0-40 degrees Celcius. Just so you know...
  2. Oh yeah, I forgot their silly naming of 4k video. I meant 25fps RAW. Although, now that I think of it. I don't think I want to handle 4k raw data right now. But 10bit would be nice. (Oh, shut up, he thinks, you have got no reason for whining with this camera)
  3. I don't use the LX100 that often for stills, but I just noticed Adobe Raw now supports the LX100. Good! (too bad it doesn't have a 25fps burst mode...)
  4. I would mainly like a 35mm. All round lens that I could do a whole film on if needed.
  5. If anyone wants to see how the LX100 performs in a theater setting: Trailer for a theater piece for kids and grown up kids. First shot is cropped from 4K, shot square for the purpose of the shot. All the wide shots are LX100, punched in a bit here and there. Lots of different color temperatures. Intercut with Canon 5D and Canon 600D. (Colours crushed in post) -Andrew, let me know if such posts are unwanted-
  6. ​My thoughts exactly! If this becomes true, it will be the first big company to acknowledge what opening up can mean for both users and company. Features for us and sales for them. Update: if I read correctly, they're not giving access to the camera itself (yet...).
  7. Nice! Downloaded. Another general note on the LX100: rolling shutter at full tele is quite horrible. Christmas update: still going back and forth between extreme happiness for it being such a good travel camera and outrage for the skin tones it spits out, being purple and yellow. Without having tools available on the road for color correction, I can hardly share any pictures with people because I see too much stuff I want to fix. I even ordered a color chart from DSC labs for when I come home. I never felt this need using Canon or Nikon bodies.
  8. I had already seen them, but it only hits me now that they were intended for this. For now I corrected it by hand in Resolve (there was some nasty orange clipping depending on the lighting) but I will certainly use them in less extreme situations.
  9. I'm now grading my first job with the LX100. Theatre show. Captured with Canon 600D, Canon 5D mk3 and Panasonic LX100. Color wise, it seems to fall in between the 600D and the 5D. I'm noticing that the reds tend to shift hue when they are bright and saturated. The Canon renders them pink and the Panasonic turns them into strong orange. I'm not really keen on that. Is this regular Panasonic behaviour? Apart from that, it did a really good job.
  10. Well, I don't mind the price. I captured a theater performance yesterday and the LX100 was my master shot. First gig with it. I was pretty blown away by it and preferred it to the Canon 5dIII, especially considering the ease of the workflow (realising ML Raw is not even an option here) and how easy it was to rig up (15mm tube clamp under the camera to mount it to rods and you have access to battery chamber). You do have the disadvantage of not having hdmi out and freedom of lenses, no headphone, no microphone in, etc. But I think it's a perfect companion to a GH4. What is there not to like? It pays itself back in a couple of jobs. And being able to shoot in a square format larger than hd is pretty wild for fx shots... The 15 min recording limit is a bit silly of course, but what a great low profile camera this is.
  11. Great article. My feelings exactly. What are they thinking? But they make more money than me, so... Typo: ... In dong so, ...
  12. I just got my LX100 today and it sure holds up good against a Canon 5d III shooting ML Raw. I will be doing experiments as well the next couple of days. Lots of power for such a small (and relatively cheap) camera! My only problem is that you can't remove the battery or sd card if you mount it on a rig or tripod. I'm already thinking of a custom baseplate for that.
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