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    PrebenR got a reaction from webrunner5 in Sigma FP   
    No video for the Foveon FF. I don't remember where I read it but pretty sure I read it in an interview with the CEO recently.
    If you want high ISO or video the fp is the one you need. Foveon sensors are limited by physics when it comes to high iso, so I very much doubt the new will be very different from the older ones.
    If the Foveon ff had video and high ISO, why would Sigma need to make a FF Bayer sensor camera?
    I really look forward to reviews of this fp camera and the Foveon FF next year.
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    PrebenR got a reaction from yannis.zach in eBay's new postage option: "the Global Shipping Program" = A nightmare!   
    Thanks for sharing! I'll turn it off too. I had noticed that the import charges were too high.
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    PrebenR reacted to Axel in Speedbooster Nikon - mFT on BMPCC?   
    You can use your SB with the Pocket. The MB BMPCC SB has some advantages though:
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    PrebenR got a reaction from Santiago de la Rosa in Lenses - Sticky Topic   
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    PrebenR reacted to Christina Ava in Grading   
    stop the presses, before you grade read these two funny articles, theres a distinction to color correction and color grading.
    Color correction is all those subtle little corrections in your movie, correcting the exposure etc, grading is changing the complete look and feel of your film all mentioned in the excellent book by mr Hurken "Color Correction Handbook - Professional techniques for video and cinema" 
    I love these articles because they point out a simple thing, today its movies that are not "graded" that stand out from the crowd.
    its nice to have a distintictive look, and currently i think its movies that dont look "graded"....
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