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  1. Anyone has tried the finally released SteadXP. For the price and convenience it can be a big game changer, especially with quick turnarounds http://steadxp.com/shop/ test: The tests online look incredibly good. The crop is severe but also those cameras are taking through hell with fast running. Something more gentle will probably result in smaller crop. I am thinking of buying one myself - your thoughts?
  2. Beautiful vintage look. Would you mind shooting a quick video with IBIS turned on to see a combination of an old lens and stabilized image. It would be interesting to see how it flares too. Pretty tempted by GH5 I have to say, still clinging on 5D3 RAW. Are you planning full GH5 review?
  3. I think the million dollar question is whether Magic Lantern is going to be available. Imagine 50fps HD RAW with these bitrates. I could not care less about 4K but I want detailed beefy RAW and potentially lower res 120fps RAW...
  4. Wow, that is seriously a good deal! Thanks a lot!
  5. A bit of a desperate call here - does anyone in Berlin own Samsung NX1? I would love to have a quick play with the camera to decide whether to go ahead and purchase it - no stores carry the camera anymore! I am happy to pay for such a service and put down a deposit if anyone is worried. I can offer Canon 5D3 ML for anyone to try in exchange as well as Sony RX10MKII.
  6. I cannot sing the praise of 5D loud enough. I was one of the first people to buy 5D2 and had it for 5 years with not a single issue until I moved onto 5D3. I have been using ML RAW for all my work for last 2-3 years and while it can crash, you simply restart the camera and keep on shooting. Lately I have been having issues with a one random corrupt pink looking DNG file but that might be 3rd party battery grip.. For my style of work the storage is not an issue - I bough 4x 128 GB cards which are enough for 3 hours of shooting - when I need more, I have DIT assistant to copy the files or do it myself. You can transfer MLV files into virtual DNG via MLVFS and then use Resolve to get your footage fairly quickly. I then keep ProRes master and delete MLV files. The only expense at the moment is buying 2TB external drive every couple of months (£80?). I am still waiting for a camera that would actually be better than this and would not cost more than £5K. I think these videos show the colour depth you can get with 5D pretty well:
  7. I would only add that Canon 5D3 adds very cool 720p 50/60P RAW which does not look bad at all - not sharp but the colours are just as beautiful as with slower framerates. Still waiting for a camera to replace mine.
  8. Hey, thanks for sharing this. As long as you are good at grading, it seems Sony can lead to great results. Any chance to share any of your tests before you say final goodbye to your 5D?
  9. Andrew, could you also add to your tests 5D RAW - I am sure it is one of the darlings of EOSHD crowd and it would be great to see DR comparison as well as colour rendition. I am seriously tempted by this camera but cannot see it as my A camera - the user experience is horrible - strange ergonomics, too small body, recording button (!), badly organized menus, feels very consumer rather than Canon clear menus. Also, watching Andrew's test shots, was the stabilization on? It seems to have a lot of that microjitter as if the stabilization was off. I dare to say 5D with IS lens yields better, smoother results.
  10. Can you zoom in while recording 120fps? That could lead to very nice artsy shots..
  11. I am in the same boat currently, considering selling 5D2 for Sony A7S but cannot see myself using Sony A7S for commercial work (ergonomics/complicated menus/recording button-to be fixed) - it just does not feel professional at all. Quite dissappointed as I really like some of the footage I saw online.
  12. I have been shooting with A7S over weekend and have had some pretty difficult time grading SLog footage. Colours seem pretty dull no matter what LUTs I apply. Miles away from beautiful tones of 5D2/3 ML raw unfortunately. I am sure there is a lot to learn about this camera though. I am currently using it with Metabones standard speedbooster and one noteworthy thing is the 24-105 lens is too far from the sensor and you get severe vignetting with this combination. Have I missed something?
  13. MattH: I don't think the chart you posted shows the comparison I am after, ie fullframe vs APS-C with Metabones at the same focal length. Real world experience from someone who has Metabones Ultra would be great but it is probably bit too early. At this point, I can either spend $399 for a standard Metabones adapter for fullframe shooting with Canon lenses and $649 for Metabones Ultra for APS-C shooting. I am wondering whether I could get away with shooting APS-C all the time with the Ultra adapter.
  14. Hi everyone, I have rented A7S and am trying to work out if it is the right upgrade from trusted 5D2. Looking at my options to utilize my Canon lenses I can either buy the standard Metabones adapter and use the full frame of Sony or keep the camera in APS-C (rolling shutter, 120fps) and buy Metabones ULTRA to compensate for narrower crop factor. My question is how these two modes compare? Metabones ULTRA should bring the FoW back to full frame and should also bring one stop of sensitivity, matching again the full frame perks. Are there any losses when using ULTRA for all occasions? Thanks
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