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  1. My unit behaves as follows. 24Hz: slow EVF and monitor in all mov. settings 50Hz: slow EVF and monitor only in 4 K settings 59.94Hz: slow EVF and monitor in 4K settings. The 24fps 4K setting seems the worst. For all settings EVF seems wors than monitor. It never bothered me too much and I hope this post won't change that ;)
  2. bunk

    GH4: 29min 59sec

    I had the same experience yesterday, I got 4 files around 7 minutes and one around 2 minutes, more or less 30 minutes total. Happened each and every time I tried. Personally I don't mind the limit for 'normal' usage as I never record more than a couple of minutes ...but it sucks big time that it does the same with variable frame rates. In effect it renders that feature useless. If you record with two frames per second you get stuck with 3600 frames or two minutes 24seconds of footage ...which doesn't come close to 29 minutes 59 seconds of footage.
  3. bunk

    GH4: 29min 59sec

    I 'm afraid you're right. Text below is from the manual: •When the motion picture size is set to [FHD], [HD] or [VGA] in [MP4], you can continuously record a motion picture up to 29 minutes 59 seconds or until the file size reaches 4GB. You can check the recordable time on the screen.–Since the file size becomes larger with [FHD], recording with [FHD] will stop before29 minutes 59 seconds. •You can continuously record a motion picture with its size set to [4K] in [MP4] without a pause even if the motion picture exceeds 4GB. However, the recorded content has to be played back as multiple files Second part got me confused. Looked like a smart way of Panasonic to get around the situation. Each new files is the start of a new recording, in effect bypassing the limitation. Alas not the case.
  4. bunk

    GH4: 29min 59sec

    As far as I understand you can continue filming. All that will happen is that after 29:29 a new clip will be created. So if you have a continuous shoot for 75 minutes, 3 clips will be created instead of one long one. Haven't shot anything for longer then 5 min so no guarantees. [Edit] I should have add ...when you record in 4K.
  5. Set 'peak' to 'Low'. Might do what you're after as it picks up a lot more. If it's really bright outside choose a dark color and if you're in the dark ...wide open you will get a lot more information, as it needs light to work.
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