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  1. if BMPCC miss you, try LX100 !!! another crack for the price, really an artistic tool. Even if Ursa mini 4k wedding is excellent, LX100 wedding is this time, beautiful : with a quarter of former specs. LX100 - A6000 - URSA MINI 4K this is my dream team !!
  2. Sorry i was asking about Blackmagic Production camera 4K sensor filiation ?
  3. Yeah but the question is , where come from the 4K ursa mini sensor ?. BMPCC or new one ? Perhaps they worked on electronic image treatment from inside with old sensor ?
  4. don't talk about gh4 nor A7S 2 , same stuff, just enjoy this simple video recorded in Full HD prores HQ on the 4K mini Ursa (not the 4,6K 15 stops version, so let's imagine)...RED and Alexa or not so far this time...
  5. +1 the 4K sensor in ursa mini is far from the one in BMPCC4K, and it's recorded only in full HD.with canon L lenses. on the other side the video with 4.6K seems a bit washed.
  6. Blackmagic ursa mini 4K starts at only 2800€, this time we play in the big guys yard.
  7. Hello , everybody are arguing on 10 bit or not , do you see the differences etc... but that's not the point. If sony puts in the A7S II, the XVAC-S, and not the XVAC, it's clearly to tag it as a consumer product, not a professionnal one !! 10 bit or more or raw is not a question of seeing the differences, it's a question of being possible to post work shoots or not. At 8 bit, you'd better have graded during recording, no lattitude at all in front of your computer later. After that , sony marketing is entering the game, don't expect them to tell you that the product is a cripplehardware. But if the price is correct, why complaining. For myself they are surfing "sur une mode ", so price doesn't reflect reality. better watch blackmagic, kineraw products for real bargain for possibilities. A7S and now A7S 2 are overrated, seing short films from them does'nt transcend me. Still 5D mk2 produce more artistic rushes. 5 axis is cool, but we are not named gus van sant. 3500€ is a great bunch of money, imagine what A7S owners are thinking now hearing news from a A7S 2 so quickly issued, not so cool sony !!! I must admit , i've bought a6000 for 450€, which is in fact is a bargain !!
  8. 5TO for 190€ http://www.ldlc.com/fiche/PB00185401.html You have to duplicate it to call it archive. 10TO is in sight, just wait a little for the price. http://www.hgst.com/hard-drives/enterprise-hard-drives/enterprise-sata-drives/ultrastar-archive-ha10 JBOD is cheap solution for clustering disks. Duplication is necessary for backup.
  9. Xvac-s now available for a6000 without s-log, sony listened to users, great !!!
  10. Hello guys, with the xvac-s not only the video is upgraded, sound goes from ac3 256kbps to PCM 1536kbps. On the video side, xvac-s will improve the movement and blacksi think, on static shoots, nothing
  11. Hello @Andrea, what's the idea of having XVAC-S ? It's still 8 bits !!! The point is to get 10 bits over hdmi, and Slog curves ... but Sony will never give it to us...at that price !!!
  12. hello, DXO says twice sensible than the canon aps-c 550/600/7D, with extra noise removal from bionz as a bonus. Good at 3200, 6400 is way way better than on 550D, It's still under a 5D mk2, sensor size shouldn't be forgotten. Noise seems to be only in luminance, but shift to color at a point. Beware of banding on walls and dynamic range drops also, so high dynamic scene at night must be avoided. DRO raises noise, portrait raises noise and some other profiles also. Best night profile should be tested and published, who wants to cope with ? i've Recorded outdoor night concert, good footage and extra resolution really help to keep a defined picture even if noise reduction at normal setting creates artefacts. So better resolution, better dynamic range, better noise reduction inboard, better sensivity, noise in luminance only, adequate profile to find, live histogram, speed values possible till 1/4, give you great abilities in dark over other aps-c for sure.
  13. I'd prefer say better resolution, crisp. Removing AA filter from the a6000 + bionz process gives us the best defined image i see for 1080P, in fact so defined it looks sometimes more video than film. Canon aps-c is so soft at contrary.
  14. Sony I LOVE YOU !!!! http://www.intimepop.com/UPLOADSDONTDELETE/2014/midlake1-hd.mp4 sony a6000 + sony 16-50mm portrait -3 -1 +1 DRO off 1/50 Auto ISO <3200 exposure Locked , graded with mlooks in FCPX By the way if you love good music come to my blog intimepop.com Recording at this show, it was pretty hot inside mind you, the sensor after 2 songs overheated and shut down the a6000. I was shooting manual Focus, keeping my hand all the time on the 16-50 mm to focus, no harm except that the sony cam seems to use the LENS BODY as a cooler...to be confirmed but setting on AF , and avoiding touching the lens, i was able to finish the show. Don't know if it was The bionz or the sensor which overheated, but this baby is leaving on edge (size, power, processor...)
  15. fcpx 10.1.2 seems to undertstand now correctly the wide gamut mts from sony a6000 Final Cut Pro X version 10.1.2 Final Cut Pro X version 10.1.2 adds these features. .... Apply a standard (Rec. 709) look in real time to high dynamic range and wide color gamut video from ARRI, Blackmagic Design, Canon, and Sony cameras ......
  16. Ok first little concert with the a6000. choose hd button to play(only 720P compressed), mind that i use fcpx stab(zoom degradation) , some grading, iso auto till 3200, speed mode 1/50, zoom canon 55-250mm with viltrox, but i love the light, i love the definition... http://www.intimepop.com/2014/06/28/christine-and-the-queens-showcase-fnac-bellecour-lyon-juin-2014/
  17. http://www.ebay.fr/itm/Viltrox-Objektivadapter-f-Canon-EF-EF-S-EOS-an-Sony-NEX-E-Mount-Kamera-/271463157867?pt=DE_Foto_Camcorder_Objetivanschlüsse_Adapter&hash=item3f3477106b Version 2 compatible A7
  18. Hello, just to tell you. Received VILTROX adapter EF-NEX II (FF version for A7 also). Everything fine with it. In video mode, IS and Aperture functional. AF continuous mode not available, have to buy sony lenses i suppose. AF ok in photo mode, IS too. Concerning machined rings, it's a perfect fit Only a slight play for a6000 and canon lenses at the other side. I remembered Yongnuo adapter where everything moves when adapter and lens were clipped, tolerances not respected, i never saw that !! around 95€ tested with Sigma EF 18-50/f2.8, canon 50f1.8, canon 55-250mm, tamron 18-270VC
  19. APS-C vs 4/3. 4/3 format is a bastard talking about cinema standard. Between Super 16mm and 35mm. Less cinematic image and not video image too.
  20. great review of a6000 concerning colorimetry, noise... http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/sony-a6000/sony-a6000A5.HTM
  21. More tests done about DRO : -DRO raises blacks, but for me it's a post treatment, not a log curve, so expect much NOISE. So don't use it , else lv3 max. -expose correctly your scene, with the help of zebras 100 tool, better little surexp than contrary -avoid high dynamic scene, because even if the cam is capable of 13 diaphs i think, you don't have much available levels for coding blacks compared to highlights. In a high dynamic scene, try to lighten shadows before shooting, better than all post treatment !!! -correctly expose, much noise in shadows if you have to push it afterwards -picture effect soft high key is perhaps the best balanced mode in case of high dynamic scene else try to set contrast to -2 or -3, but somehow not sure it's not an post electronic process (to be confirmed).
  22. To be discussed, but Noise is the enemy and it is always in the blacks, so you have to expose preventing zebras but really towards the right on the histogram. Also, that's where we have maximum definition (levels), comparing to levels in blacks. Contrast should be low to. Concerning sharpness, i would say +3 as it has been tested low on the a6000. About DRO, i join you on saying that i haven't see any differences with all modes in video . someone said it lifts the blacks, but perhaps only in photo mode !!! Could you explain you're grading procedure ? I found it a bit reddish, but hard to tell cause sequence is short. I prefer the soft ungraded version, really clean picture.
  23. hello. Concerning grading did you record with histogram on, and curves moved to the right ? Did you try also, the soft high key picture effects ? For myself, i also use much portrait, which seems to be more accurate. Concerning moiré, can you link to the original MTS file please? Thanks for your test, it helped to understand the a6000 and better use it.
  24. Neutral and neutral +3 or portrait and portrait +3 Same page , you'll find the decoding procedure with BT709 + full range option, making highlights and blacks recoverable and changing colors to something less agressive. http://www.frenchyte...log35mm/?p=1959 xvycc AVCHD20 is compatible with BT709 broadcast range, and that's what you are seeing when played with VLC, import in FCPX 10.0.9. But If you had a bluray player compatible xv color + TV xv color, you would see more and slighty less rough colors. That's what 5DTORGB permit with the options above; for myself i am saving them in PRORES422 , just to become compatible with video editors and maintain accurate colors + grading latitude. To be discussed. @A2T2 GX7 and A6000 does not play in the same category, difficult to compare them and people often own one of the 2 cams so they can't be really objective. I prefer APS-C size for depth of field and sony sensor is twice sensitive : that's what i can tell from facts. And third, sony noise is only in luma, so it's somehow possible to obtain a beautiful nativ indie look, will try !!! Using for now on PORTRAIT -3 0 +3. More tests to come, DRO, High iso noise, picture profile, playmemories app...
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