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  1. Hey Andrew, just want to say that I so much enjoy this forum and community, even I'm not so actively commenting usually. Also I sooo appreciate your dedication and hard work in maintaining the EOSHD site and community. I have the impression that you and the site are very highly appreciated in photography and especially videography communities and among professionals. That said, I'm also a bit worried about you getting frustrated with industry politics, clickbait journalism and social media etc. I remember another incident in the past (even though not the details of it), and now this with Tony etc. I'm sure they are real problems, but I hope you'd just leave these things unnoticed and kept up the great and highly appreciated work you are doing. I personally want to see the EOSHD site up and running and the community prospering. I hope these red herrings (frustration with clickbait etc) don't get you unnecessarily (even though totally understandably) demotivated and unfocused. Thanks to all of these years and I hope to see many more decades of EOSHD to come. Cheers!
  2. Ok, thanks guys! So, just to be sure: first convert the 4K files to DPX with Thomas's great app, then use Resolve to make ProRes files out of the DPX sequences? And the ideal settings in Resolve are ProRes 444? Also, should I do the grading and color correction in Resolve before the ProRes conversion?
  3. Can someone PLEASE tell me the best way to convert the GH4's 4K footage to 1080p ProRes? And is it really possible to get it to 4:4:4 ProRes? Even 10-bit?
  4. Ok, still no replies. Let me rephrase the question: What is the best method to convert GH4 4K footage to 1080p ProRes? And has anybody managed to convert the dpx from Thomas's Mac App to a 10-bit ProRes 444?
  5. Ok, so the app by Thomas and GUI by James_H works really well. But if we have to take the dpx files to Resolve isn't it just the same thing taking the original 4K footage from GH4 to resolve and convert to ProRes (after color correction etc)? Sure, the app might make a wonderful 10-bit conversion, but the other way you have the advantage to color correct the original 4K footage and only then convert to ProRes for editing. I'd love to hear about a proven workflow with the GH4 from 4K to FHD. Because also if you have a lot of footage it makes much more sense to grade only after editing (which on the other hand is easier in FCPX with ProRes format...)
  6. Managed to convert GH4 footage to dpx files. Now what? Can't find any way to convert all these dpx frames to ProRes 444 file. Or am I missing something?
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