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  1. How did you manage to install CineStyle? I tried to do it via EOS Utility and the User Defined Style option was greyed out. Edit: Nevermind, I got it to work!
  2. Hi all, I was very excited by the announcement of the A7s II as I've been thinking of upgrading from my 5D mkIII and the A7s II seemed to tick a lot of boxes for my needs. I was all good to go but got slightly cold feet after reading Andrew's post about the sunspot issue (although it does sound like this is being addressed) and all the mentions of banding etc. Also, Andrew mentioned a possible canon announcement this month which, although I'm not holding my breath, I'm intrigued to find out details before commiting to a Sony system. I was wondering if the EOSHD users who actually have the camera could answer a few questions to help me make a decision: 1. Does the banding only occur when shooting in S-LOG modes or is it quite bad no matter what profile you use? 2. How are the metabones adapters handling with canon lenses? Does the autofocus work well/at all without native lenses? I will still be using my 5D's for stills work (and my mkIII as a second camera for video work) so selling my canon glass in favour of Sony isn't really an option. 3. Has anyone tried recording either 4K or 120fps externally and, if so, does this help with any potential overheating issues? I already have a shogun so I'd be interesting to know if there's any advantage of, say, recording 4K externally rather than in camera. Thanks!
  3. Interesting test; thanks. Does the Sony's auto focus only work with native Sony glass?
  4. This thread has been a very interesting read. I was very excited by the announcement of the a7sII and thinking of upgrading from my 5D mkIII. It's good to see some highlighting of potential issues with the camera. This sun spot and banding talk is a making me think twice about buying one sadly. The 1080p @ 120fps and the sensor stabiliser are still very tempting, but living in the UK I need reliable 25p. Andrew mentions a potential Canon announcement in November: is this confirmed/from a reliable source? Sadly I'm not holding my breath for anything groundbreaking (despite being a life long Canon user) but if it is confirmed it seems like a good idea to wait to see what it is...
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    Hi all, I saw the link to this thread appear on Twitter and I thought it sounded like it could potentially be very interesting so I signed up! :) I'm really fascinated by the colour grading/treatment process so hopefully I can pick up some tips. Funnily enough, I downloaded FilmConvert and Davinci Resolve Lite today to try out. I've previously doing my colour grading through After Effects and although it's really good, I find that it can often make my workflow a little sluggish, especially when using Dynamic Linking. Anyway, if anyone has any tips for either FC or DRL then I'm all ears!
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