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  1. Camera ergonomics are so bad that people had to create accessory brands to help the problem And they went pretty big nowdays ! and finally, I say all that, and i made the extreme choice of buying a Sigma fp ... at least, with that body i didn't expect any ergonomics and created mine.
  2. Thanks for answering Barefoot When i see the quality and character of a 16mm bmpcc sensor. i believe it would surely be possible in a reasonnably small body. this sensor with a 8-80 f2.8 fixed lens on a PD150 body ergonomics would be a dream for me and for a lot of documentary run n gun style film makers. But no brands want such a longevity now because they want you to buy a new camera every 1 or 2 years, and we do !!!
  3. in a perfect world they will build a PD150 with interchangeable mount and prores mode. Basically the brain of a bmpcc and the body of a pd150 ... They have the same policy with cars. designs were way better before but they will never build them again. can you imagine a Renault 4l with an electric engine ?
  4. Hi guys, I fell in love with a 9,5mm i own and i'd like to build a little set withe a 12 or 16mm, or both depending on the price. Thanks for helping me finding these babies. Regards. Jean
  5. Hi there, I'm a happy owner of a ZCAME2 and i'm building a water housing mostly for shooting surfing. To keep the thing small and avoid the heat, i'd like not puting any screen in it. i just need to control the exposition and basic framing on the back of the camera. I was thinking of a prism on the top screen of the camera to give me a viewfinder on the back side of the camera but perhaps you guys could have an idea. anything if welcome. Thanks a lot
  6. Hi all ! I'm planning a shooting this summer, i would need a used GH5. Anyone ? Thanks a lot. Regards. Jean
  7. Hi everybody, 2 Years i'm following Eoshd and only discover the forum now ... So i share with You a series of travelling movie i start to shoot with a blackmagic pocket CC with a pancake 20mm f1,7, This starts in Japan / Tokyo:
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