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  1. ​but this thread is a 1dc thread so... isn't it what were all mostly talking about here? Also why would you really need 4k over hdmi if you have internal 4k? Dont get me wrong it would be great to have but hows that a deal breaker? A deal breaker for me would having only 4k through hdmi like the a7s has. You need external stuff which is another thing to rig up when setting up and another potential point of failure.
  2. Feels like this is the price this camera should have been from the start.
  3. I really hope people dont go up in arms about the video on this camera. This camera is clearly directed at photographers. So video guys
  4. When did I specifically pointed out your "positive evaluation" as "hype"? theres a lot of press about this camera out there and thats what i mean by "hype" not your comments. As you pointed out, most of your readers here are usually lower budget, therefore I made what you called "warnings". I said this because some of us can't afford to be switching lenses and bodies all the time, because we usually lose money, time, and energy doing swaps. So we need to be more careful when we make our choices. I also, still don't understand why you are being kind harsh towards me specially since I've apologize to you.. is it not ok to express my opinion here? I don't meant to offend anyone really, specially you.
  5. Wow! this was a light hearted thing... Dont need to get all harsh about it. Did you read this: "I know andrew is not putting a gun on anyones head to buy any one camera, hes just giving his opinion which is very valuable"? I know your posts are a mix of subjective and objective, its your opinion on the matter, which I mentioned as "very valuable". As far as me being a canon fan, really? if you look our twitter interactions between you and me you can see that I've probably have made more fun of canon as much if not more as the next guy... so please. All im trying to say with my comments, (which could have come out "the wrong way" I guess) is that I feel like people are getting caught up on the "hype" and going nuts selling their stuff because this one new camera.. others will come and you know this. I dont really care if you sell all your L lenses and canon bodies to buy pinhole cameras.. All I'm trying to advocate is for people not to get caught up in the hype. Finally I apologize if I offended you in any way, I'm obviously commenting here because I appreciate your comments on this whole industry, don't forget about that.
  6. I would agree with you canon has failed to innovate.. and it bothers me a lot. However I wouldnt call the "C" cameras a failure they are many advantages to them and a lot of people swear by them..In all honesty i think they are great cameras just overpriced. I think you also seemed to dismiss what i said about running my lenses through adapters.. i just dont want to do that. At some point 5d type cam will shoot 4k the a7s almost had me if it would have shot 4k...so this doesnt it mean it cant happen, lets not forget that the 1dc was the first dslr to shoot 4k and you cant deny the footage is beautiful but it is deff overpriced.. with that said I think these cameras are great in terms of pushing the markets. It will push canon to come along and do their game, i guess they are just not ready for it right now and thats a shame, they could have owned the market. I think my main message is dont get caught up on these cameras hype right now and sell all your current lenses for m43 lenses.. I think you will kick yourself later on if canon or sony comes around another camera that isnt m43 that shoots 4k and it is affordable. I dont know if you noticed or not but theres even rumors that this is the last m43 cam from panasonic.. so yeah.
  7. Andrew gives me a strong impression that he just want to push people to just get the gh4. His comments always gives the vibe of "as compared to the gh4". The thing is that the gh4 just doesnt work for everyone. Yes it is awesome, yes is amazingly priced, yes it gives amazing images.. etc. but the problem is people have heavly invested on the canon lenses and some people dont want to sell their canon lenses to buy m43 lenses because m43 are less of a standard in case you want to upgrade later on. I could use my canon lenses on almost any camera but with m43 we simply cant. And yes the speedbooster exsist but we dont want to run through adapters and other quirky work arounds. There are just many things like this one i pointed out that are just too many problems...The thing is that i just want people to realize is that the gh4 is not perfect and you shouldnt just jump ship because of the hipe... and i know andrew is not puting a gun on anyones head to buy any one camera, hes just giving his opinion which is very valuable, I just feel like these articles are not as objective as they could be because of the hype. Just my two cents.
  8. im pretty sure we will be seeing that a99 looking dlsr and i bet it will shoot 4k too most likely internally which will be the differentiator between it and the a7s. If you noticed Den Lenny he said that hes taking a break and then hes going to start working on another product from sony.. sony already has big cameras f5/f55 so.. the only answer is that theres going to be more from sony.. watch.
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