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  1. Nice to see you in love. Almost head-over-heals. :-) Can't seem to confirm if there is clean HDMI out. Mind checking?
  2. I second (or is it third?) the interest in crop mode quality. But for me, the real action is in the skin tones. Particularly skin tones in the shadows. I would love to see tests similar to Shane Hurlbut's. Well lit, with declining fill ratios. Back lit bright skies would be bonus. http://www.hurlbutvisuals.com/blog/2013/10/arri-alexa-vs-canon-c500/ I compare digital camera sensors to film emulsions. The reason a cinematographer selects a specific camera for their film is the look and feel of the sensor and their lenses... From Rodger Deakins: ...if you can photograph t
  3. Thank you for these tests. You really make the case for low light and grade-ability. If possible, could you run some skin tone tests with a natural, soft daylight? Gravy would be with declining fill ratios of -2,-3,-4 stops? Would love to see how the sensor renders skin tones. Thanks again!
  4. So close. Sony is a master of segmentation. Unless I missed it, there is no 4:2:2, uncompressed, *10-bit*. Sadly, it appears no 10-bit anywhere. A great full-frame, low light sensor. Yet even with S-Log2, the image will have to be mostly crafted in the camera. Hopefully I missed it, but otherwise this (10-bit) is the missing feature that protects the higher product lines. All the sample shots are low contrast or low light. Closest to a 'highlight' challenge is the boat captain. So close. Hope I missed it, and will be grateful to be corrected. Even my lowly (yet amazingly) PIX 220
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