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  1. I should have noted that my judgement was based on the footage alone, who had more RX100M3 footage to view. Obviously TCSTV produces great reviews, but in this instance their praises were not backed up by their video samples, in my opinion. They basically had a few seconds of footage intermingled, that really didn't do the camera any justice. Anyhow, here is some more footage that's been posted. I post these merely for those curious to see the first footage popping up online, obviously these videos should be taken with a grain of salt.
  2. Here are a couple videos... This first one by TheCameraStoreTV is pretty garbage, but it gives you some idea of what to expect.
  3. Petar, I have a 550d, If you compare the sensor performance on tests like DXO mark and at DPreview you should see that the GM1 outperforms the 550d as far as the sensor is concerned... However, the sensor size will also play a big role in your resulting image. Consider how your lenses will look on a 2x crop vs. 1.5x crop.
  4. Agreed, this was my first thought as well. In any case, my crops were just to show the video that was posted more clearly here on the forum, whether or not this is an accurate representation of the performance of the a6000 vs. the GH2 depends on the original footage...
  5. I downloaded the 1080p file, and took a crop and blew it up a bit, here you see the GH2 graded against the a6000 graded and sharpened. It clearly resolves more than the GH2. GH2 a6000
  6. Okay, this is going to be out there... but.. consider the way that evolution shapes living things over time.. It's a natural process of trial and error, going through all the different variations until one mutation works a bit better.. and the species evolves in that new direction... I know we all don't have millions of years here... but, I see the value in allowing for every possible kind of post in a forum, because who knows... it could be the most idiotic post that inspires a terrific post from another... This thread, for instance, is the result of an increase in nonconstructive posters... you could say that they are responsible for the improvements being discussed right now. Though, I also think that we have a certain capacity to know what direction we should each take for success, growth, and happyness. So, it is not a case of just letting things happen mindlessly... In the end, I don't think there is one single correct path for the forum, but I think it's important that the creator, Andrew, steers the forum in whatever direction he feels will make him and those here most happy. Whether or not it will lead to the forums success, or downfall will remain to be seen. Either way, it exists as an experiment, and should be allowed to adapt.
  7. Thanks for your input wobba, I was between the GM1 and A6000, and this is really helpful. I noticed in your past posts that you mention shooting landscape, and how the GM1 image breaks up into shimmer/moire in scenes with lots of foliage. This is the information I've been waiting for, as I am mostly interested in landscape shooting. If you have any footage posted online, test shots, screenshots, or anything, I would be very interested in seeing them.. Otherwise I'll just take your word for it! A6000 here I come! woo.
  8. This is an interesting topic, and something that a lot of sites have difficulty with. I have been a part of the Iron Brush forum for quite some time, and I have noticed a very different atmosphere there, it is very respectful, and every post is thoughtfully written. Amazingly, the forum feels very constructive. I have also noticed a bunch of garbage posts popping up here... my favourite is when a poster has clearly not read the rest of the thread... uhg. The Iron Brush forum requires that you email the mod, and present your work/introduce yourself before you are allowed to make an account. I think that this could help a great deal... though, whether or not that would take up too much of your time, I'm not sure... I like the idea of a semi-closed forum, however, I do think that you should allow for the growth of that membership by accepting new members based on what they may have to offer. When the membership is stable enough, and everyone is on the same page, and here to learn and grow.. it should just moderate itself pretty well.
  9. Thanks Inazuma! I am a bit disappointed with the lack of detail in the a6000...ah well...
  10. Some interesting test footage here, https://www.youtube.com/user/halim870904/videos Low light looks clean.
  11. I agree with Inazuma. Some of these early tests should reallly be taken with a grain of salt... very deceiving in my opinion. This test doesn't look so bad to me, the final shot of the yellow flower looks really nice. Though, macro flower shots do tend to make every cameras video quality appear better...for some reason.
  12. I would love to see a sharpness comparison between the a6000 and GX7. This is basically the only thing I am waiting to see before making my choice. I love the detail of the GX7/GM1 footage, but I really want the 1.5x crop of the a6000...
  13. I am sure this is something we all struggle with to some degree. Evolving technology seems to strengthen a sort of compulsion in me to wait for that perfect camera. It becomes more and more difficult to feel good about using the gear I currently have, as my mind wonders about the gear I could have tomorrow...and what that could bring to my creative process. Cinema, like any art form, requires a specific set of tools. As a woodworker, it's obvious that the quality of my tools has a huge impact on the final quality of my work. The same is true with video work. I think, for those of us who are perfectionists in our work, that there is a valid reason to put off shooting a certain project, until we are confident that our tools will be able to produce the quality of work that we envision. The frustration stems from the fact that our art form is relatively new, and the tools are still rapidly evolving. Analog film has shown us what is possible when we are able to capture the real world as we see it, without losing much in translation... Digital is slowly allowing that quality to be widely accessible. This is a very exciting time for reasonably priced digital video. And it is also a bit of a pain in the ass, as we all ride the line between waiting and creating.
  14. Andy, I agree that the 1.6x crop sensor is a huge advantage in the a6000. I've been debating the switch from 1.6x to m43 for a long while now, and I just don't think I can do it.... there are too many advantages with the 1.6x crop, especially in terms of using older glass... I believe it's a perfect balance between FF and m43. You still get most of the character of 35mm lenses coming through, but the added depth of field is beneficial for filming... that FF shallow DOF is an effect that should be used sparingly in my opinion, akin to tilt/shift in a way. I look forward to seeing tests posted here from Andrew. As for the Cameralabs tests, I think that his videos are often misleading. It's a shame that 90% of the early testers out there are kind of bad at photography and video. It takes a skilled cinematographer/photographer/editor to know how to coax out the true quality of a camera and then present it accurately without ruining the footage somewhere along the way. But I guess that these testers sometimes only get a very short time to test each camera, and they are probably more focused on the technical side of things...
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