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  1. Frozone

    New laptop

    You should try to get 16GB RAM.
  2. ​No. 3840 x 1920 = 7372800 3839 x 1920 = 7370880 3840 x 1919 = 7368960 If you remove 1 pixel from vertical you remove 3840 pixel, but when you remove 1 pixel from horizontal you only remove 1920 pixel.
  3. Frozone

    Samsung NX500?

    some news: http://www.engadget.com/2015/02/05/samsung-nx500-camera/
  4. ​4K ist just the new selling point in TV as it was 3D before. Most people don't care a lot in picture Quality as they still don't complain about TV Program in < Full HD. And most people as well are sitting so far away for their TV they won't notice a difference to 4k, and I guess FullHD neither.
  5. @Andrew: Some tip for Your 5k iMac. If you hold Option while clicking on "Scaled" then it'll let you choose 5120x2880. So You are able to use 1:1 Pixel.
  6. Frozone

    New NX1 Issue

    DCI Mode is cropped and upscaled from UHD anyway as Andrew wrote in his article. So best quality is with UHD Mode.
  7. The new retina iMac is inbetween. It's even faster in some tasks then some of the Mac pros and gives u an amazing screen. http://barefeats.com/imac5k.html
  8. On Mac You can try Kodi (former XBMC) which can play h.265. But CPU only.
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