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  1. Agreed, Andrew should probably just stop talking about the Pocket4K. No way he can to be objective about it. The fact that he dedicated an entire blog post praising Magic Lantern's raw efforts on the 5DIV & suggested someone get them the EOS-R just a few weeks ago and now is just dismissive means it's just targeted at BMD. Now there are new players on the field but none of them really out spec the GH5s (outside of FF) which was out before the BMD announcement but there are no posts from him stating just get the GH5s and be down with it over. He took a dig at BMD today on his latest Nikon Z7 blog about "reports of dust on the sensor". It was just one user who admittedly thinks that the camera was used by the shop owner. Hardly worthy of even mentioning without other confirmed reports. He even contradicted his early statements on the Pocket 4K when it was announced... "People want RAW recording – and they want it for cheap." "It begs the question of Panasonic and Sony in particular – why are you not implementing raw and ProRes on cameras like the GH5S and A7S?" "The others must follow suit." It's unfortunate he can't get past it. It seems like he's becoming like those reviewers that he bashed so passionately. I'm beginning to see why he wasn't invited. I'll now be depending on user reports of their experience with this cam.
  2. Why bother with any of the new cams if that’s the case? Just get the GH5. It’s the only cam you’ll ever need...😐
  3. Agreed! I just haven't seen any footage from the XT3 that has wowed me at all. From the specs alone it should best the NX1 by a wide margin but actually looking at the footage i'm like meh. Thought it was going to be my next cam. My NX1 is still the best video IQ wise out of all the 2018 mirrorless cams, even the A7III which i'm just going to use for stills now. I can only imagine what a FF Samsung NX camera would be like...smh. 4K 60p, IBIS, Dual Card Slots, USB-C 200MB HEVC, eye autofocus, internal 10bit 422 w/updated S-Lenses (Sigh)
  4. Well if that's the case then people better be prepared to be be disappointing in the A7SIII.
  5. True cooling is challenging with mirrorless bodies, but my NX500 could shoot 4K 30P all day in summer heat and that's super small with no ventilation when compared to Z6 and A7III. So i figured in 2018 OEMs would have figured it out by now.
  6. Great for the Nikon camp, should stop those looking into Sony, but i'm not as blown away by it as I thought I would. With no video line to protect not sure why the cameras are stuck at 30p. Also it's kinda of hard to go back once I started using dual card slots in my A7III. Plus they making you buy way more expensive XQD cards. There is nothing on the cameras that can't be done utilizing basic SD cards. Unless they are going to have an upgrade in the future for raw video then it's totally pointless additional expense. Also not sold on the AF yet. Not sure how you go from abysmal video AF in your flagship DSLR D850 to class leading AF in one year for the Z series. Do like the top panel, 144Mbps bit rate and 10-Bit HDMI out but it seemed like they cut a corners to try to justify the D850's existence. Just not seeing enough of of the Z6 that my NX1 can't already over the past 4 years. I'm sure the low light will be remarkable, but outside of that I can't really buy into it. Hopefully they'll have a Z8 to take on the A9II with 60p, dual slots & internal 10 bit. Wouldn't mind Sony updated the A7III to 10 bit & 150Mbps as well. Not in love with the video when compared to the NX1.
  7. I mean, what were you actually expecting on the Note 9? It used to be the Note was the flagship while the "S" series was the follow-up. That role has been reversed. What innovations are you expecting on the upcoming iPhone? I've know I"ve been underwhelmed the last 3-4 generations.
  8. Yes, if you don't have to push it past iso1600. That's when the A7iii clearly starts to take over.
  9. This is why I'll never get rid of my NX1 & NX500. I've yet to see a better image right out the camera from anything currently on the market when paired with the S-lenses. Still amazed by the AF as well. I bought a A7III but just for super low-light shots. The NX1 is still my workhorse.
  10. Crazy, all the while Red is collecting interest on all those pre-orders since last summer even it a user cancels it.
  11. I concur, the NX1 is my benchmark for 4K video quality. That paired with the S lenses is still unmatched damn near 4 years after it's release!
  12. Samsung 128GB USB-C 3.1 flash drive. Transfers speeds up to 150MB/s. Theoretically it should be able to handle everything but Cinema RAW. https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/memory-storage/usb-flash-drives/usb-type-c-usb-3-1-flash-drive-128gb-muf-128da2-ww/ https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-MUF-128DA2-WW-Type-C-Flash/dp/B06XXQKRMZ
  13. Crap...A7III just shipped, smh.
  14. I've been reluctant to use DIS cause I wanted to maintain the highest IQ, but will give it a shot since I see a few positive experiences from using it.
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