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  1. Hi Bold, First of all: what a Bold statement, hahahahaha, but seriously; thank you for the advice! My company liked the footage and they want me to use the kit on the next shoot we'll be doing next week, so I want to make sure I get everything right on the day (I threw away a lot of footage I recorded on the day of the film above because of distortion, etc.) - What would you recommend using when you say 'using a high-detail test pattern'? A focus sheet? - I have a nice looking 15mm rail platform to operate on (although it's a bit heavy for my tripod sometimes, as you'll notice in the film): It also has a nice Mattebox system for all my filter needs! it's really encouraging to see that I'm not getting too shunned from using a projection lens; but hey! I'm working on a budget! So thanks a lot for all the great tips, Bold, I'll make sure to print out goodies (like focus sheets) to put me on the right track. Francois
  2. Right off the bat, I know projection lenses are a bit of a no, no in terms of shooting anamorphic (especially on this site), but I just had to impulse buy this Schneider projection lens on eBay when it was valued for £80. I am having trouble lining up the anamorphic lens with my primes; in some cases I get nice crisp images, and sometimes I get visible distortion after 'expanding' the 4:3 footage horizontally. Are there any sure-fire ways to make sure the alignment is top notch? here's a video I shot as a test, let me know if you notice any glaring errors: I know, it's YouTube so it's compressed, but at this point I'm mostly worried about my 'tunnel vision' and not seeing the distortion properly Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!! Francois
  3. That's Fantastic! I'll order some right away, although I'll look at UK prices and sellers since I'm based there Is this setup easy to handle? Any alterations that you had to do? How do you thread the Anamorphic lens to the camera lens? Sorry to ask so many questions, but you seem to have the exact setup Im after You're a life saver!
  4. Hello, I recently ordered a Schneider Kreuznach WA Cinelux Anamorphic 2X lens and I was wondering what type of Lens support I should get? I saw the Tecnoir lens holder on eBay, but it seems to be the ONLY on rails support I can find. It is also more expensive than the price I paid for the lens.... Can anyone provide me with any information as to were I could find a suitable Holder/adapter I could use to mount this baby on rails? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for this IronFilm; I considered the C100 and the AF100, but I am already shooting on the FS700, the GH4 and the 5D MkIIIl so I have some experience on interchangeble lens systems. I'm just wondering if with something like the FS7, I could match it to the footage of, say, a Sony XDCAM during live events. You know, a camera on a platform on tripod broadcasting straight to a live big screen with several other cameras and the producer controlling the feed. I think if my department is offering a 10 grand budget, I should take them up on it
  6. Thanks, fuzzynormal, you mentioned Panasonic and Sony; Would something along the FS7 fit the job I need it to do? Also, which Panasonic System would you recommend?
  7. Hello! My producer is asking me to source a camera in the 10 grand budget range. I've been looking at a few cameras like the URSA Mini that will come out soon, but I need the camera to achieve certain specific things, such as: - It'll be used to cover live events, with Broadcast cameras (like XDCAM type of cameras) on a multicamera setup with live feed playback on big screens - An interchangeble lens system would be great as it will also be used to fulfil commissioned 'Arty' films that'll require the 'cine' look. Also, durability, future-proof-ness, etc. Any Ideas? Thanks!
  8. When's this thing going to be available for purchase? I can't find any information about this other than here......
  9. Order yourself the Fotodiox lens Adaptor, I went for it a while back when I still had an Old canon AE-1 with prime FD lenses and bought a Lumix GH2, specifically I have a prime FD 24mm at f2.4, a 50mm at 1.4, a 135mm at f2.4 and a Macro Adaptor that produces amazing results. The best part is that these lenses last forever, cost nothing on Amazon or Ebay, aren't demanding in maintenance and produce amazing results for film. I can't recommend it enough after having used them for a year. The only downside is that they are only really useful in controlled environments, so if you're planing to shoot on the go, I would recommend the Lumix 14 - 140 mm, it has served my very well. (Here's a photo with a 50mm f1.4 FD + Macro Adaptor on the Fotodiox Lens Adaptor mounted on the Lumix GH2):
  10. Thanks for this, Andy: Do you think you could give me some specs to better compare the G6 to the Gh2? I'm all about Bitrates and 'hackability', I just think they're nice features to ensure the cameras will not be obsolete in the years ahead!
  11. Hey there, I am relatively new to these discussions; but after having scoured the internet for some answers I have been at a loss, so where better to ask than here??? I have been working for a my organisation for a year now, and my job is essentially being the in-house film-maker, for the past year I have been using my Hacked Lumix GH2 (don't ask me what type of hack it is, I did it in 2012, recording between 88-90mbps with no negative side effects, except that no playback is available until the camera has been turned off and on). I typically shoot in cinema 23.976 fps in 1080p and have a very fluid workflow (I produce about 2 videos a week for the company I work for). Since last month I have been 'upgraded' to the Canon 5D MkIII since the company didn't want me to use my personal gear (for insurance reasons, I travel a lot with the gear). And while there are some downsides in terms of bulkiness of the 5D body compared to the GH2 (and lack of swivel screen) it is a standalone camera and I find the two can't be compared too much: they are both great and stand well on their own depending on the job required. My ultimate question is: now that we're in 2014 and seeing as the GH4 is about to be released, what is the 'next level' in affordable DSLR's (or even dedicated cameras, like the Black Magic)in your opinion? I feel like I have been out of touch with the camera world since I hacked my GH2 in 2012, is this a camera that seems 'future proof' (with the hack) or will it shrivel to the upcoming 4k's?
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