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  1. if I had known the Shwedagon Pagoda would give such an incredible array of colour in sky and location when I happened to be there whilst magical twilight descended, I would have brought a tripod to stabilise my NX1 with 16 -50, never the less incredible colour and the VIDEO viewed on an 8000 series Samsung 4K is UNREAL I mean almost 3D REAL unreal . Untouched Jpeg
  2. Musings on the future : The idea of grabbing stills from a video stream occurred to me back in 2005 when I was shooting with my Nikon D70 and my Sony HrV1U HD camcorder.. process I would the 1920 X1080 in after effects and loving what I got despite interlace. I could grab that instant in time @ 30fps. Then I knew it was a matter of time. And I still believe that. Any one that does not has not seen 70 MM positives from the great movies knows that they are perfect moving images . But then again I remember recording movies onto VHS tape in the early 80's because I knew that one day f
  3. I have been making nice stills from Video flow since 2006 at that time with a Z1U and after effects .. When I first discovered it I knew back then that picking frames from a stream would be the future. We are not exactly there yet but it's coming ... "Stills" are a thing of the past in the next 5 to 15 years ..
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