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  1. if I had known the Shwedagon Pagoda would give such an incredible array of colour in sky and location when I happened to be there whilst magical twilight descended, I would have brought a tripod to stabilise my NX1 with 16 -50, never the less incredible colour and the VIDEO viewed on an 8000 series Samsung 4K is UNREAL I mean almost 3D REAL unreal . Untouched Jpeg
  2. Musings on the future : The idea of grabbing stills from a video stream occurred to me back in 2005 when I was shooting with my Nikon D70 and my Sony HrV1U HD camcorder.. process I would the 1920 X1080 in after effects and loving what I got despite interlace. I could grab that instant in time @ 30fps. Then I knew it was a matter of time. And I still believe that. Any one that does not has not seen 70 MM positives from the great movies knows that they are perfect moving images . But then again I remember recording movies onto VHS tape in the early 80's because I knew that one day frame grabs would be possible. I also at that time only licensed my video for "helically scanned magnetic media" back in 1987, knowing that there was something else coming down the pike in 10 years. I moved to Betacam SP asap and I am glad I did because using decent cameras and Beta Sp recording meant that with the terrenex processor from BM, I could scale up and reformat the aspect ratio ( yes with a little distortion) of those videos and people today assume they were shot in HD when viewed on the web and computers. They look GREAT! Actually, 4k does make 1080P look better. I can see that by looking at 4K video on youtube on 1080 P tv's . So I for one, cheerfully await the coming of our 8K overlords . Interestingly, MY Vizio 43 inch "UHD" TV can display a resolution of 7680 when pushed by my mid 2014 Macbook pro and using SwitchResX , the resolution shows up in the options ( the native display on the MBPro can be pushed to 3840 x 2400). tThe curser almost vanishes to a pinhead, but El Capitan's desktop takes on an almost 3D quality so much so that I had to touch the screen to see if the apparent texture of the cliff face was really there. And this is not official 8K. Noticing commercial cinema lately, it is usually beautifully sharp and colourful, with exquisite detail , ie Tarantino's 70 mm release and every other commercial theatre release today and for the past 20 years. The only place that I see faded and "film like" is the efforts of those using DSLR's , who marveling at a "look" that, whilst nice.. is not necessarily "cinematic" ( whatever that is supposed to be ) seem to ignore that fact of what is actually playing in the cinemas" I love those rich images and wish that I can portray that dynamic range, detail and colour. The A7sII is not bad in that respect. The low light flexibility is amazing , and I am shooting 4K with it ( and grabbing promotional stills) for the same reason why I spent 14k on a BVW50 in 1987... the future...
  3. I have been making nice stills from Video flow since 2006 at that time with a Z1U and after effects .. When I first discovered it I knew back then that picking frames from a stream would be the future. We are not exactly there yet but it's coming ... "Stills" are a thing of the past in the next 5 to 15 years ..
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