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  1. Of course, but I mean they still sell and update the old alexa models . And for red they are probably still a bit bigger because it s cheaper to keep manufacturing the bodies this way and stay compatible with third parties accessories. If you are new on the market you don t have to follow older guideline for design . But a box camera is really nothing new I agree .
  2. Well apparently the red raven is very small , considering that this camera is somewhere between a scarlet-W and a red raven for the spec , Kinefinety form factor seem plausible . I guess the fan will go nuts in high speed but you don t need sound in high speed anyway . About electricity consumption ...well have a look between a black magic pocket and a GH4 ...everything is possible . Red is also a very marketed brand, the founder is the guy who made the oakley sunglasses , they apply the same kind of communication , like ** hey you are not cool if you don t have a red ** , you pay for the brand name . (But they still do great cameras) It s 2016, arri and RED are still using their old form factor because of cost and compatibility I guess .
  3. On the other side you can t push a7s footage that far without having artifacts.(and I m not talking about greenscreen work). You tend to get a lot of red color noise in the shadow with a a7s when you push a bit , and even neat video have trouble getting ride of it I just sold mine to get the Terra , even with a shogun ,8 bits is still 8 bits, and the colors, even if better than a GH4, are still far from any recent cinema camera (I m a VFX artist/colourist btw). I m not saying that the terra will be mind blowing as there is no footage out yet , but from what I saw the kinefinity colors science is definitely not con/pro-sumer grade .
  4. Is the 19mm the first or the second version ? Can you please send them to me at lorisacc at hotmail.com ? Thanks
  5. Is the 19mm the first or the second version ?
  6. Maybe I m optimistic but I assume that a company would not release a product inferior to their previous release especially for a camera. I mean the kine mini is cheaper and the image quality is already good enough for me so I hardly see why the quality would be lower than that . The selling point is the slow mo /mount/form factor for me. Also I m living in Japan and I will get one delivered in china, so I will get the basic pack for 5600 usd with no extra charges .
  7. I pre ordered the 5k one . If you shoot music video/fashion, you need clean slow mo and there is nothing else in the price range. It s basically a red epic MX ++ for 5kusd ... It s more compact/light than blackmagic , color science is better than panasonic/sony/blackmagic (you should play with the DNG they provide and the image is great , I was amazed by how much you can recover on the landscape/lake shot). There is a shoot comparing multiple cameras from GH4 to alexa and the tester said that the kinefinity images where the closest one to red/arri from the lot. And the mount system look great , that mean you can get fast zoom easily with the focal reducer. I understand that because it s a unknown Chinese company, people are skeptical and if it was their first camera I probably would not have pre ordered it . But if you look at Dji , they are also a Chinese company and they have great product .
  8. Hello , you just order them via the rectilux website, coupling rings are a part specific for each anamorphic lenses model . The core Dna look good too , but his focusing slightly less closer .
  9. Hello I m selling my Rectilux 3FF , with cinelux coupling ring , Im not selling the Cinelux ES 2x only the rectilux , the rectigrip and the follow focus ring +front cap, I m asking 800 usd for it + shipping ( You get 100 usd off + the follow focus gear) You will need to get a coupling ring from John Barlow to use it with your kowa . Cheers
  10. Hello guys, My name is Loris Accaries I new here , I m a digital artist/VFX/colorist . I would like to share my opinion on those comment. First those Cameras are professional tools , intended for mid size/massive facilities . Blackmagic give us , the artist a new range of high end tools , but If you are not train with them you will never get the best of it, and showing us samples without any lighting, and shot on regular lenses are not going to look outstanding anyway. My point is that compering a black magic 4k to a red epic is a nonsense , you can buy more than 10 blackmagic for the price of the red , and most of us will never buy a red anyway , but we can now buy something close and everyone should be happy about that !, with today post production and raw file you can basically do everything possible if you how how to use the tools. If you are working on a production that have a big budget you will rely on an experienced team with good equipment anyway, your Dp will know what kind of image he want and what lenses/camera he will need , regardless of brands or trend. But the worst of all is speaking about resolution and dynamic range on vimeo videos,Please, we don t even know what down scaling algorithm have been used , those things change sooo much the sharpness of a shoot ( just do the test , open any image in photoshop , rescale it using the different algorithm ) and I don t even speak about the compression. I hope it do not sound too passive aggressive . :)
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