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  1. I'd love to see the RX10 mk2 review completed. Thanks!
  2. It's looking extremely likely that at NAB this April Panasonic will be releasing a successor to the AF100, with 4K and 18MP still capability, as well as other great features. If Canon doesn't release their own take on this video/still hybrid device at NAB 2015, they will be generations behind the competition. Reading Andrew's selected grabs from the man from Canon, it reminds one that even chief executives can be either significantly out-of-touch, or simply lacking insight. The senior Olympus designer recently featured on EOSHD, seemed to make similarly misguided comments - about there being n
  3. Tzedekh… Thanks for that… Not a particularly inspiring teaser video, i gotta say… Anyway, not too long until the actual reveal.
  4. Hey Andrew, I've been trying to find this video, since your image is only a screen capture - how do we find it? Cheers, Nigel
  5. Tell you what though, if the GH4 had the Olympus 5 axis stabiliser on top of it's current feature list - I reckon I'd wet myself.. In fact, I think i might.. ahh, that's goood...
  6. I'd love to see me with one as well! I'd be amazed if they produced an AF200, since it would overlap with so many of the GH4 features.
  7. Nice article Andrew. Thanks! I'm with Tim. My feeling with the GH4 is the same feeling I have with the BMPCC - I would happily pay twice the price for either of them, if they just delivered that little bit extra performance - say, decent screen, external controls, and audio on the BMPCC, and HD 10bit 4:2:2 internal on the GH4 (ok, along with that fabulous Olympus stabilisation). Panasonic - keep the GH4, and make a GH4 Pro, with 10 bit 4:2:2 internal, for twice the price - it'd still be peanuts for pro users. I'd buy two!
  8. Front facing screw holes provide expandability for rail systems and added stability for PL mounts. 2 XLR input terminals for audio support and 3G-SDI video output.
  9. The threads on the front of the brick are for 15mm rods - it says so either in the press release, or on the panasonic page for the brick.
  10. Good point, but I can take my BMPCC, with my Honu cage, and my Alphatron evf, and get great focussing and monitoring, as well as recording a very high quality 1080 10-bit image in the camera. You'll be able to put a cage around the GH4, and attach an Atomos Ninja, and get a very crisp 1080 10-bit image recorded to that. They'll both take up about the same amount of space, neither will pass as stealth or even low-key particularly. The difference is, I don't need to spend a dollar more - I can do it today. I applaud Blackmagic for providing us the opportunity to take great images cheaply
  11. We're on the same side - I want the bigger chip, in a proven form factor, with proven technology.. (I personally think the slavish adherence to the DSLR form is part of the problem, btw).. I have two Blackmagic Pockets as well, and they make a very desirable image, but their limitations are real and very well known. As more and more posters here are now saying, it's just crazy to create a solution that requires so much extra junk to realise it's potential.
  12. Actually, my Sony XDCAM PMW-200 does all of this, right now - for just over $8K, in Australia. The Sony delivers tons of features and works, exceptionally well, in a chunky yet discreet package. Yes, I wan't the bigger chip look, with lots of lens choices, and 4K. Sony are already having a budget 4K go with the AX100... It isn't that hard. The manufacturers just want to protect their higher-end products, and for us to pay more. That's business, I guess. If Atomos is correct, and 20 different 4K offerings are on the way by NAB this year, maybe we'll soon find something that
  13. Great article, Andrew, as usual. Thanks very much. I know it's an exciting new prospect, with lots of features to look forward to, but I'm really surprised it's not possible to record 4:2:2 internally. Especially since the new cards are so damn expensive. I mean, the BMPCC can record 10bit 4:2:2 internally on sub $100 64GB SD cards, why not this camera? And a remote 12V brick to power the brick? You've said it in the past, and it's equally true here - no one has combined the features most of us crave (Olympus-style internal stabilisation, pro-audio in, focus peaking, zebras, br
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